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TAS Rider wants turban not helmet

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by quietman, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/latest/a/-...on-motorbike-riders-want-turbans-not-helmets/

    If the government allows this I predict an inexplicable surge in the number of registered Sikhs in the next Census :)
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  2. Or Pastafarian

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  3. Somebody invent a crash resistant turban with AS sticker.
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  4. Fully sikh.
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  5. I want a bike with a gas turban.

    So I can go REALLY fast.
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  6. religiously speaking there is a metal dome that is meant to be worn under the turban as they were developed as a way to protect one against strikes to the skull during times of war but as to whether that's still practised by the masses calling themselves Sihks is largely unknown but either way the protective effectiveness in motorcycle crashes is unknown as far as I know BUT again with that being said I'm a big believer in "leave the people alone god damn it!" & not babying fully grown men & women as if they were ignorant children with countless rules, regulation & policies :LOL:
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  7. Have them sign a medical expenses waiver or require a minimum level of insurance then let them do whatever the hell they want. It should be that way for all motorcyclists. fcuk religious reasons though.
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  8. are they also not allowed to use a mirror ?
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  9. Sikhs are permitted to wear a turban instead of a helmet in Europe. I'm surprised this has not come up in Oz before.
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  10. I do find it a bit funny that the religious obligation to wear a head covering is a reason not to wear a head covering. Can't he just walk around with a helmet on all the time (when riding)?
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  11. Kind of like religion with all its rules and requirements...

    If you want to worship in my church and practice my religion put on a motorcycle helmet.
  12. Lets keep it on the topic any racist comments even remotely so will be removed
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  13. I was in the UK when they introduced helmet laws and Sikhs were exempted.

    The world did not come to an end.

    The hospitals weren't overwhelmed with Sikhs with smashed up heads from motorbike accidents, and the roads weren't full of people pretending to be Sikhs so they could ride bikes without helmets.

    Last time I saw accident figures for motorbike fatalities in NSW there were a noticeable number of folk who died in motorcycle crashes who didn't have helmets on, but, typically, they didn't have rego on the bike or a bike licence and were probably fairly pissed too.

    So allowing Sikhs to ride with just their turban rather than a helmet doesn't bother me, except for it being the thin end of the wedge in terms of religion being somehow "above" law.

    I do have to admit that I have never been a supporter of the mandatory helmet business, and, in view of the current shit fight of various different states having different regs, I reckon the simplest way of solving the mess is to dump the whole thing and let folk decide for themselves.

    While there is no real way of testing it, I suspect that most people riding would continue to wear helmets anyway, and the folk that choose not to would be such a small number as to be insignificant.
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  14. [​IMG]

  15. ^few extenuating factors there. It is very important to not use 2nd hand/old helmets and to upgrade even if u haven't dropped it/crashed with it every few years.

    I would def be one that would still wear a helmet even if they weren't compulsory. It's still gotta be better than nothing and I would look on it the same as horse riders not wearing helmets: very silly and taking a big risk. I've fallen off/been thrown off a horse before and cracked my head, the last time even with my helmet on I ended up with blurry vision in part of my right eye. Can't imagine what that would have been like without a helmet and you come off a bike a lot faster than a horse! Not worth the risk. They're compulsory for a reason.
  16. Like how the TAC etc want motorcyclists to wear their own costs for riding a motorcycle in the first place?
  17. Well obviously you have to draw the line somewhere, but they already do this with compulsory insurance like TAC in the first place. It's just shifting the line one way or another.

    For example, you have a required level of insurance for car (third party in other states yes?), then you decide you want a bike, that has another required insurance level (I guess there'd need to be more levels of cover, or maybe like minimum payout amounts or something like that), you want to do it without a helmet, ok that's another however much extra cover you need.

    Just an idea, but I think since bikers are rarely gonna injure anyone but ourselves, the only objection to people doing what they want would be the state or whoever having to foot the bill for injuries, so mandate levels of insurance required. This is all hinged on the TAC fcuking off or the compulsory insurance monopoly fcuking off and introducing some competition as it should be.
  18. Who are the Sikhs going to injure but themselves, that was my point.

    It is a slippery slope.
  19. ...but that was my point too...wait are you even arguing against me? I'm confused. My point was let them do what they want because we should all get to, and offered a scheme which the government might actually consider. I just added the fcuk religion part because religions shouldn't be above the law.