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rider versus car in a crash= car always wins

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by the new guy, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. ok on the way home
    just a second ago 2 riders cruisers were chasing after a car whcich they both ran red lights and almost took me out
    a rider had moderate low speed head on with a car in a 25 zone duh duh
    the car comin the other way was minding there own buisness and for a rider to chase another car on to oncoming traffic is plane fcukin stupid
    i turned around to see if they wanted any assistnace there were already
    a few more witnessess there
    so i left as they had everything under control by the looks of things
    so i went on my way

    point of rant
    cars always win in the road rage department

    end rant
  2. Yeah it kinda works that way... I mean a car has a crumple zone in the engine bay where as the crumple zone on a bike is... your face. :)

    Still it does suck that there are idiots out there like that, giving us more of a bad rep.
  3. here, have some fairy 'coherence' dust to sprinkle over your post.
  4. say_wat :LOL:
  5. Give the guy a break, it's not COMPLETELY incoherant. :grin: :p
  6. you shouldnt sprimnkle it over this post but the driver:p:p
  7. LOL yer ok brooo
    im not one to have a rant usually but this fuked me off soo

    anyway waht im trying to say is theres alot of fukwits on bikes aswel

    im not saying that i care

    but serves the nob right who had a n accident if your gunna fuk around and endanger people minding there own business you deserve to get into an accident
  8. Bikes come out on top here and there but not to often.

    The 13's sorted out a few bad attitudes in it's time to come out trumps.

    For what we lack in size, make up with abuse.
  9. Where are those R1 pwnz Landcruiser pics, eh?
  10. so lets see the pics
  11. New Guy, just look at the sun and that's pretty much what it looked like. One big fire ball.
  12. nice so how did the rider end up

    the clever "unstoppable" bloke last night ended up with suspected broken leg or two
    as he cried out he couldnt feel them.