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Rider training with Roadcraft +

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by resurrection, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Last weekend I had an awesome time at McNamara Park, a motorcycle road race track near Mt. Gambier. And what a great track it is.


    It was a rider training course conducted by Roadcraft + from Strathalbyn, South Australia.


    They conduct regular weekend courses at the track throughout the year, and they are very good at it.
    Excellent instructors covering the gamut from Rider Safe trainers to current road racers really know their stuff.
    Accomodation can be arranged and included in the very reasonable fee and lunch is supplied for a few extra bucks.

    They manage to create a safe environment despite the fact that there are fast moving motorcycles on the track. One on one coaching is available for those that want it and I even got some video footage and photos of myself playing at being Max Biaggi ( It's a Suzuki thing)


    So if 20 mins per hour on track ( there are beginner, inter and experienced groupings, strictly adhered to for safety) for up to eight hours per day over two days for $350 including accomodation sounds like a good deal, then check 'em out.

    I'll see you there in May :grin:

  2. Thanks heaps for that VL. I don't have the smarts or the patience for that sort of thing. :)