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Rider training recommendations

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Redmosquito13, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    My wife has just upgraded to a Monster 659 from her Ninja 300 that she did her L's and P's on. Most of her riding is short trips around town, but she upgraded partly so we could go on longer distance rides together. Last weekend we went on our first "long" ride together, a 250km loop that included roads around Tumut and Tumbarumba, and all things considered she did really well, especially with the vicious, gusty wind that sprang up on the ride back home.

    It was obvious, however, that having more confidence will enhance her and my riding experiences, and so I'm wondering if members have recommendations for training providers that offer courses focused on improved cornering and roadcraft techniques.

    We live mid-way between Syd and Melb, so travel will be involved either way. I've seen HART online and they seem good, but I'd like to buy her a training session, and first hand experiences with them or any other providers is better than any website.

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Most places have Advanced rider courses - braking, slow manoeuvres, cornering that are well worth it. I did one with Stay Upright when bought my Monster, was good. Other than that just ride! A regular road with twisties that you know help.
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  3. I can vouch for HART!!!
    I have done their learner course and Advanced I and Advanced III and learned heaps from all!
    Hubby (chillibuttonchillibutton) been riding for 16 years and is a great mentor. I have been riding almost 2 years and now at the point where I finally feel like a reasonable riding partner!!!
    Been worth every cent! Go for it!!!
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  4. That's a hard one.

    Improved cornering is pretty easy.... SuperBike School, HART, StayUpright all do good courses in Sydney area.

    Roadcraft is harder...... HART and StayUpright do some of that stuff, but, IMHO, it's better done with a regular riding companion...... i.e. you.

    You have to think not only about your own riding, but also hers, and the REAL difficult bit is trying to make helpful comments without starting a fight.

    I know that one time, I was an instructor at a driving training day, and I point blank refused to get in the car with my wife.

    Letting someone else do the instructing seemed worth it to me to stay married.
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  5. Sorry I can't add much on the training front. Would there be training in Albury or the like?

    Have you guys invested is a set of Sena or similar bluetooth communicators? These can help heaps with your ability to coach the other half whilst riding.
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  6. One of the speakers in my Sena shat itself yesterday while out riding. Was wondering if was from stupdily hot day or just shoddy quality?
  7. Thanks for all the replies. Will do a bit more net surfing to investigate further.