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Rider Training @ MotoDNA

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Flash72, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. I'm thinking about doing some training (level 1) with MotoDNA at Lakeside. Has anyone done this or know if it is worthwhile?

  2. Don't know about this course, but a friend got a lot from a women-only day they ran. All professionally training is usefulif the instructors are on the ball. Mount Cotton-based courses are more road oriented but Lakeside is a good spot. Budget for update training every few years and you never get rusty or let bad habits take root. Let us know how you go. Oh, and come for a ride with Ness and me sometime to show us what you learned!
  3. Ok maybe I will check out what Mt Cotton has since that's closer to home for me.

    Let me know when you guys take a ride and I will tag along, I'm keen to ride as much as I can and I'm sure I will learn plenty from you two. I definitely didn't mean to make it sound like I can show anything I'm just out there practicing as much as I can so I feel more confident in myself.
    My next goal is confidence to filter at red lights!
  4. Please don't think I read that into your posts. But these are exciting times for any new rider, as you push your boundaries further and further, so it's often fun to share that feeling as you go. What I meant by road-oriented for Mount Cotton is that it is a simulated road environment (with nothing coming the other way!), so the painted lines give you a much clearer idea about setting up for corners making the best left-right track decisions, and looking for the safest ways to see and ride to the apexes. The racetracks don't have those markings to work with.
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