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NSW Rider Training Insurance

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Turbowood, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Hi Guys and Girls,

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this (or been asked before) but i am looking at doing the CSS first stage in the reasonably near future.

    I called my insurer (NRMA) to find out if the bike would be covered if something happened during the day. After explaining to them what the day was about they said yes you are covered but we wont send you anything to say you are covered, they also advised that i have to obey the road rules.

    Not that i don't trust an insurance company but has anybody had any experience with this.

    I'm not expecting something to happen but it puts the mind at ease and would make the whole thing a lot more relaxing.

    Any comments would be great.

  2. I was told by AAMI we were covered when we did ours . It's in the fine printout you read it - covers training courses on track but not track days per se when you're just there without training. And no cover for racing. That's AAMI though, check your own fine print.
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  3. Yeah iv been looking through the fine print and cant really find anything conclusive. The exclusions however have the below. Not sure if it falls into the organised event category


    A straight answer from the insurance company would be nice however.
  4. They leave it 'grey' so they have room to wiggle if you ask me.
    Phone them again - ask for a name and call reference number - they have to record everything so you should then have some recourse.
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  5. It should be covered, insure my ride, QBE and swann i think give discounts if youve done an accredited course, which css is. Obviously check the fine print and if they dont cover id consider moving to someone that does.
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  6. Thanks for the replies guys. Spoke to them again and they confirmed that as a training course it is covered. I will however take GeorgeO advice and call again before i book and probably send an email to and try and get something in writing (dont like my chances)
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  7. As a side note - Insure my Ride is a sponsor of Toprider (training organisation). They cover the "Coaching and Setup' track days that Toprider do on the South circuit - it's seen as a training day due to the 15:1 student to trainer ratio.

    I also got phone call proof of that as well as Toprider also loudly telling everybody about this.
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  8. Yep

    Motorcycle insurance quotes | QBE

    I'm with QBE - they cover CSS (level 1 only) and a number of others in Vic