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Rider training courses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ashes, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. What rider training courses are highly recommended. I've been riding for about 12 months now and would like some more instruction. I haven't really ridden my bike hard and rate my skills as low to average and definately wan't to improve. I'll probably want to do the training before upgrading the 250 in 3 months time. Had a look at MTA but they seem more geared towards the licence tests. Thanks

  2. MTA dont just do licence testing, they do advanced and one on one tuition as well.

    You can always try

    H.A.R.T. (Honda Australia Rider Training)
  3. does Stay Up Right in laverton do courses?
    cause ur near them
    check it out
  4. Stay Up Right do a cornering and braking course and Australian Superbike School do a Course as well.
  5. MTA does private sessions. Go in and talk to Mark (i am sure it was Mark but Im bad with names) and you tell him where you would like to improve and he'll work on it with you, or if you like get him to tell you where you need improvement.

    Top guys down at MTA, they'll look after you!
  6. Hey Ashes, I did the HART Intermediate couse around the time I got my bigger bike.

    Was kinda like a big refresher on everything that you'd previously learnt in the Ls and Ps courses all bundled up together. (Amazing the things you'd forgotten already tho).

    Essentially, it was just a heap of practise at all the cruicial stuff.

    I thought it was great, and would highly recommend it.
  7. Have done HART levels 8, 9 and 10.

    8 and 9 where done at Calder park and did 10 at broadford.

    Also done a HART run day at winton - which was a bit of a combination of the two and was run by NE road saftey commitee.

    All days were fantastic - with a really strong focus on the basic skills that make better riders, vision, posture, braking, cornering

    highly recomended.

  8. I probably don't know what I need to improve as I haven't been on a decent group ride to be able to benchmark my skills against the other pilots out there. Rode to and from the GP recently with a very experienced mate and he commented on my good road positioning/roadcraft and gave some good feedback on situations where he would have passed other traffic and also to ensure I indicated for longer before changing lanes. I guess the next step for me will be to get along to a group ride and work out where I fit in the pack ability/comfort wise and get some feedback and advice on my riding there. I will never be a Rossi but would like to ensure I have more skill than I actually ever need.
  9. I'm following this with interest - I commented recently about a lack of mid-range training for the newer riders. Some good ideas in here and places to call.

    Stay Upright also do personal tuition (I'm going to be booking some sessions soon to upgrade my skills), and they're close by in Hoppers Crossing.
  10. PM Stevebrouggy that's his area of expertise & he's a member!
  11. Yep, have done this. I'll see what Steve recommends, thanks
  12. I'm looking at doing the level 1 course at Aus superbikes on 18th Dec at Broadford. Seems to be what I'm looking for, thanks
  13. Hi Ashes...

    I don't know whether I'm going senile or not...but did we communicate via PM? I can't say I recall and there's no message in my inbox. Anyway...let me know what you're thinking and I'll set you straight. A lot of the courses mentioned here are definitely good value. I sent my wife to the HART course (6&7) when she was in a similar position to you and she got heaps out of it.

    If you wanna' give me a call on (03) 9792 1322 I can ask you a few questions as to where you're at and give you my 2 cents worth. Don't worry...I'm not a hardcore salesman and I'll tell you my opinion without trying to sell you, then you can make perhaps a more informed decision. You may want to try even doing this to the other providers also so you're not just getting my viewpoint.

    Hope this helps...
  14. Thanks for the chat Steve.
    I have booked into the course at Broadford on the 18th Dec. I'll give a ride report after this...
  15. Reckon there must be at least a coffee in this for hooking you too up!
  16. I'm always up for a coffee and a shout, just having trouble fitting it in on a Friday around the family schedule (eldest daughters squad swimming).