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Rider to rider behaviour

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cejay, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure about this. When I ride, I try to be extra courteous to other riders, make sure I don't cut them off, cause them to have to make changes because of me etc. You known, the whole camaraderie thing...

    So, when coming out of Healesville this afternoon, after a good ride to Marysville and back, I noticed that the R6 and NS250(?) that left before me in Marysville had stopped and were now coming up behind me on the exit of town. I was a bit surprised when the R6 came past me on the metre or so between me and the centre line, but hey, he was obviously in a hurry. But I was more surprised when the 2 stroke came past me, on the inside of my lane at probably 80 odd (in a 60).

    Neither of them did anything really stupid, or very dangerous. The inside ovetake was only the dangerous part as I wasn't expecting that to happen and it made me move a little to the right.

    But what's the rush? It got me thinking that if I thought this (and I don't have a problem with going quick), maybe we're (as in bikers) are our own worst enemy?

    Just a thought.

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  2. Riders like this have no comraderie
  3. Sounds as if they were inconsiderate.
  4. Not all riders have camaraderie. Some riders subscribe to the whole "I ride a bike therefore I'm a rebel" mentality. I'm sure you all know what type of rider I'm talking about.
  5. Tell me about it. Like, you have these people who ride around on litre sportsbikes and whinge to the whole Internet about being overtaken on a straight while tooling...

    People are jerks. Get used to it.
  6. There are those riders who stay upright and then there are those who pay the price .. do what you feel is right and ignore the idiots
  7. Some people can't resist the challenge to overtake the person in front, no matter what the vehicle they or you are in/on. Keep your wits about you for idiots on bikes, as well as idiots in cars and you will stay safe.....
  8. I'm with you Clifford, I always try to show other riders the same sort of respect I'd expect from others. Yes I've passed other riders (even if I am only on a 250) but I always wait for a suitable oppurtunity to do so legally and safely. Even then I'll usually try and manage a friendly nod or wave on the way past.
  9. My first day out on the road bike today and i noticed quite a few riders would nod me when we were up close, almost all made eye contact with me.

    2 Harley run ins today, one in the delivery van and another the guy over took me in a 80 zone on the inside, gave me a look (i am sure he was thinkg "rice burner - grr")
  10. Sounds like you came across a couple of idiots...

  11. Hope u enjoyed ya day out :wink:
  12. I fcuking loved it, i dont think i will be able to sleep thinking about doing ti again in the morning, since i have managed to get tomorrow morning off for a bit of a squirt as well.

    I gotta get used to freeway riding, i feel like i am about to get blown off the bike...
  13. :LOL: :LOL: Good stuff Jim

    Would love to have hook up with u for a ride 2moro
    but no bike for me this w/end. I dont live far from u.

    On the freeway just dont let go of the handlebars :LOL:
  14. LOL I will try and remember that - where are you? IN fact it aint freeway speeds, i been doing tons of those, but being on the freeway. I guess just gotta used to it :)

    There is another netrider down here he has an R1 - me thinks i would see much of you guys if we went for a ride together :)

    I am gonna put in HEAPS of practise, hopefully daily so i can go a few rides asap.
  15. I'm in Dandenong North & Doveton. I love the freeway bc thats when
    u can really open up the throttle & split lanes. I'm only 3km from work
    but I'll leave home an hour ealy each morning for a ride & also take
    an hour ride to get back home again.

    All about practice bro.

    If u got MSN. add me kishjude@hotmail.com

    I'll be hooking up with the boys once I get my bike back.