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Rider to Rider Acknowledgement

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DKEL, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. While I know the chance that they are Netriders is slim I would like to say a big hello to the two riders that showed some rider to rider acknowledgement to me today as I was riding home from work through Reservoir.
    They were a female on a red scooter and a guy on a Suzuki.
    In this my first two and a bit months of riding this is the first time I've noticed any acknowledgement from other riders. And Two in one day!
    Made my day a little brighter.

  2. I nod to everyone I see riding...
    no matter what they are on, cruiser,sports.scooter....
    I even nod to the ignorant harley riders,
    sometimes I'm lucky and they nod back...sometimes not so lucky.

    But in general most riders will give the royal nod.
  3. Maybe we should have a special "netrider" handshake lol

    You can nod to me on the path - cos i dont have a bike yet lol
    I will nod back! - (always a giver!!)
  4. I knod all the time, and i say 95% of the time I get a knod back !

    I've noticed Yamaha Majesty riders don't knod !! :LOL:
    I pass a few all the time and they are just to non-reactive !!!

    I even knodded to a Cop-biker on a Bimmer a few days ago . . .
    He knodded back !!!
    That made my day brighter also !!
  5. I nod to all bikes or said two wheels.. but not all nod back..I am from Scotland..and from my exp. I seen more acknowledgements )nods) when I was there.. I agree too.. it does make you feel wanted/aprreciated when you get a nod back.. hehe..and big up the cop for the mutual respect..
  6. Yeah i started nodding to everyone recently (Even scooters :p )
  7. (even scooters)

    Do you look down on them lol
    I might get a motorbike then!

  8. Most scooter riders are good for a laugh... specially the L plater ones.. They all look so scared......

    Which reminds me...........
  9. I work in Nth Sydney . . .

    There are some hot scooter riders around ! :wink:
    Some go over the top with sassy italian over jackets and over-sized sunnies !

    . . . and they knod back also with a smile ! :grin:

    What is it with chics and those over-sized Paris Hilton look sunnies !!! :shock:
    Now with winter around the corner, watch out for the bogan sheepskin boots to reappear ! . . . . . . :p
  10. i give the nod to everyone too :) I must admit though, i dont nod to scooters :oops: i gave the nod to a cop car yesterday and the driver waved back :grin: I notice that most harley riders dont give the nod, or you give the nod and they turn around and chase you with a chain in their hand.... maybe if instead of the nod, i did this ---> :cheeky: that might get a reaction
  11. They're called ugg boots. We can use that word again now.

    I give the nod or the exaggerated wink all the time.

    Even when i'm walking along the footpath and i see a biker.

    Responses vary. I'm yet to get nodded back from a scooter.
  12. we where talking about this the other day

    you got more nod's in the old days we thought
  13. Better than a handshake .. the Netrider numberplate frame. Get yours today:
    https://netrider.net.au/?page=merchandise :grin:
  14. Nodded to a scooter the other day and he nearly fell off trying to nod back going around a corner. I'll nod to anyone if I feel like it... sometimes I get about 20 bikes in a row and just can't be bothered.

    I wont bother nodding to scooters anymore... :?
  15. Well I'll know what a Netrider on two wheels looks like now when I pass one.

    You'll be the ones nodding away at me like demented car rear window Noddy Dogs yeah? :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I dont get nodded back much, i always give a nod, some times they do, some times they dont, though I reckon if i had a pair of rubber tits on, i might get a better reaction. :LOL:
  17. I got my first nod the other day too, it was from a scooter rider, i nodded back. I was excited and went home and told my husband about it.
    I also always beep my horn in appreciation, especially when driving the cage, when I see someone doing a wheelie .
  18. I got a nod the very first time I got out on the road after getting my licence, only about 200 metres from my house...

    It seems to have dropped off a bit of late. I nod occasionally. I usually wait to see if the other bike nods first though... but if they're doing that too?????

    I don't nod to Scooters... they're just weird.
  19. Sometimes if I'm thinking about other stuff I forget to nod...but I love it when you nod at someone and they nod back...deffo makes you feel like part of something...

    My old housemate used to wanna nod at bikes too from her car as she thought was a loevely thing to do....bless hehe

    I usually get at least one nod per day - but then again I'm usually nodding at everyone like an idiot....
  20. Well you will ALWAYS get a nod from an Ulysses rider. :grin: :grin:
    If you are out and about in the middle of March each year (at the end of their AGM) you will nod your head off :applause:

    I nod to every rider and usually get a nod back and even a wave from some, especially when I pass a group of riders.

    :biker: And by the way (not that I am counting the days or anything - 1 more sleep!!) I GET MY NEW BIKE TOMORROW. SUZUKI GSX750F. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/