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Rider to Pillion comms.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by speedwayjb36, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Hi guys, Has anyone had any experience with "Speak E-Z" communication system? I,m looking for a relatively cheap way to talk with my pillion while travelling and don't require all the add-ins provided (cd,mobile etc) on the expensive brands. Any help is appreciated. John.

  2. yeah they work ok at 50kph, real crappy sound at 100. when it comes to comms you do get what you pay for
  3. Look at the partners page.

    "Time Plus Comms"
  4. I use the BackChat brand with my pillion
    clear as a bell up to ..umm high speeds, looks neat and no batteries....

  5. Do not get the speak E-Z . Any speed over 10 kays and its sh*t. The best on the market , IMHO , is autocom . Not cheap but well worth the money.
  6. I found the speak EZ worked OK up to about 80km/h. Vaguely audible at 100km/h if we were wearing neck warmers, keeping the wind out of our helmets. Biggest problem I found was that with the mic constanly on I was getting continous amplified wind noise in my ear.
  7. Also the Speak EZ nicely amplifies ignition noise on some bikes. The 25-30 dollars you would spend be better spent on earplugs.
  8. i got a cheap rider to pillion communication system from Dick Smith Electronics, can't remember what its called, it only cost me $20, work ok up to about 70km/h

  9. Thats why u need a system that has a vox setting. No wind distortion in the atuocom what so ever . Mine has a rating up 220 kays and hour , absolutly crystal clear . ( and no , i haven't tested their rating)
  10. Let me reiterate what the others have said.......if you don't have a decent filter/VOX unit then you are just going to be trainsmitting wind noise and/or gear changes to each other.

    have a look at this page I found it to be a good resource when I was looking at bike to bike comms but they also have a rider to pillion section if you scroll down.

    And as Vic said go and have a chat to TimePlus Comms, John will be able to source what you want and provide great advice while you pick up a 10% discount.
  11. i've got one.. gets a bit noisy around 100, but depends on your bike too

    i'll sell it for $20 if u want it :p
  12. Thanks for all your replies. It's given me a lot more avenues to explore and it's great to get opinions from people who are actually using the gear not just trying to sell it.
  13. So are you physically connected to your passenger or is it wireless??
  14. You are physically connected to passenger.
  15. Do a search, These were discussed last week
  16. two bucks worth....

    I have a StarCom1 system. Many times people who phone me ask "are you on the bike" my wife even does and she knows I have the system on the bike. 130kph and she can not tell.

    You get what you pay for, takes my UHF, mobile phone, MP3 etc