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Rider safety quiz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by live4themoment, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. I just got 18. If anyone needs to come to me for safety tips I'd be happy to impart my infinite knowledge.
  2. Hey what's the deal with this question?

    9. If you have to make a swift evasive turn left, at speed, you:

    a) Press hard to the right.
    b) Press hard to the left.
    c) You lean left hard and do not press the bars either way.
    d) You press right, and lean left as well as you can.

    They reckon the answer is d).

    I would have imagined the correct answer was b)
  3. The internet is always correct, how dare you question its infinite nobility!

    Most of these quiz's (what's the correct plural? :<) are made up by people who know nothing or cannot be bothered to proof read..
  4. 18, but the question re- flat tyres....
  5. I put down B and was surprised to find out that the way i've been countersteering has been wrong all these years. Back to the drawing board i suppose, I'll see how this push right to go left works on my trip home and let you guys know how i go. :LOL:
  6. be safe now :p
  7. Behold my leetness. I got 19/21.

    The two I got wrong were 8 and 10.

    8 I chose c instead of e - meh, half mark.

    10 I chose e instead of d - what's safer than not riding at all??
  8. i got 20 out of 21 because i am obviously terribly dangerous for not avoiding riding at night if it is at all possible, i didnt know motorbikes turn into death machines and spontaneously explode after dark
  9. there was a whole counter steering thread in new riding tips i think where the battle raged on about this
  10. Troll much?

    Night time is alcohol time among other things.
  11. I ride at night safely all the time, i ride to work in the morning in the dark, it's the same as any riding, ie ride to the conditions i have never felt unsafe
  12. I got 19. Thought fresh asphalt would offer better grip than old asphalt, even if dry, and figured riding normally after dark was correct as it goes without saying you shouldn't outrun your headlights.

    What's the problem with applying a bit of lean to help the countersteer along? Read both the questions and the answers carefully and the quiz is, indeed, correct.

    And the correct answer to 10 was not to never ride after dark.
  13. 10. When riding after dark, the following is the best all around advice for safety:
    a) Never exceed the speed limit.
    b) Slow down below the speed limit.
    c) Ride normally.
    d) Do not outrun your headlights.
    e) Do not ride after dark unless you absolutely have to.

    10. d

    I've got an Yammy XJR 1200 and no matter how hard I try I cannot get it to do 186,000 miles per second.
  14. Yeah, a good tune up should fix that.
  15. 2up wrote:
    LOL yeah, the real question is,

    If I'm doing a wheelie at the speed of light, and then I turn my headlight on
    (assuming it has a switch) and photons stream out of the headlight
    away from the bike at the speed of light,
    will anyone see me riding so awesomely?!!
  16. Only if they too are Wicked to the power of Sick.

    I got 21/21, but thats because quiz's based on the honesty system just show how awesomely honest i am in life. Or i cheated. either way.
  17. That emergency-swerve counter-steering question (#9) is just flat out wrong.

    But most of you (I hope) figured that out anyway.
  18. Please explain how it is wrong.

    I have read the question and the answers offered and I still cannot see what is incorrect about (d).

    In my world, to initiate a left turn, I apply handlebar input to the right (ie press right) and lean left. That is what I read answer 9(d) to state.