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Rider Safe, 1st Day

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Reaper, May 13, 2006.

  1. After some time i deceided to do the right thing and actually get my bike licence,,(I know,,my bad :oops: ) Well, first day today of the 8 hour program and i was Suprised!..I didnt want to be the know it all nob so i did as required without any panaz or flash. Firstly, i wasnt bored as i thought i may be, Secondly, I actually learnt a couple of things, Thirdly, These guys that run this course,,,my hat is off to these gentelmen,,The level of patience, thier obvious passion of riding, and commitment to getting a newbie over the line is incredible. There were guys and girls who had never, as it appeared never
    even touched a motorcyle let alone have ridden one!!
    A thought back to the first time i touched the controls of a motorcycle, it was confusing, this went up when that went down, this came in and that goes out,,
    And these instructors never give up and encourage way past what i thought was possible. I was sure one chick wasnt gonna see the session out, yet these guys persisted and she survied the session, hell, I reckon she may even come back tomorrow..lol...
    So a thank you to the guys who run the course at Oaklands Pk Rider Safe
    S.A...(I should have got my licence longago)

  2. Yes you should have got your licence long ago, but that is another debate. I noticed that when I went and did my rider safe course, there was a guy there who was actually a postie... He rides socially as well plus teaches the course... He must love bikes mega hugley lol
  3. Hey good stuff, Reaper, goes to show we can all go on learning no matter how long we've been doing something. I'm STILL trying to discipline my wrists to stay loose when I'm cornering, something someone here mentioned sometime last year.
  4. That was my experience there as well. Some of them can be a bit boisterous and start really shouting but it is all good intentioned. The bloke that ran our level 2 test actually advised strategies about what points we could afford to get to be ensure we made it through. He told me to blow straight through the slow speed test because I had the points up my sleeve and the only thing left after that was the emergency brake which was make or break anyway.