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Rider relocated to VIC

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by traciv, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. P plater now in Melbourne. Formerly ACT.

    Have spent the past couple of days getting around on the bike and I haven't killed myself or endangered others. So that's a win.

    I'm also finally getting to use the SENA to help me get the right off ramps/turns ** but Google Maps is a problem - instructions often come too late to chose the right lane. Anyone have a GPS program for an iPhone they prefer?

    I'm looking forward to getting to the next learners ride, to meet folk and get any tips/tricks regarding how to stay alive and not be a dick on Victorian roads.

    (**I prepare myself by thinking through the ride before going but as I don't know the streets/areas I don't remember every single turn I have to take, hence the SENA, not that is has helped a lot.. probably done twice the number of KM I needed to so far.)
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  2. Yes! Apple maps killed me, and google maps became terrible so I use to use "Sygic" - It's free and really awesome. Doesn't work for **** on Android though, stuck with Google maps for me. :(

  3. Sygic.
  4. Welcome to Melbourne :)

  5. welcome to NR 'VIC' , check out the Sat Morning Prac session thread, which part of melbourne are you in? I am sure there'll be volunteers to escort a young lady in to prac sessions. also keep your eyes out for sunday rides. If you're really keen always someone during the week going for a blatt too.
  6. Welcome to NR(y)
  7. Agree, Sygic is much better. Metroview is OK.

    Park on the footpath (y) (but be considerate about it).
    Po po don't like splitting on freeways (in particular).
    Learn how to do a hook turn correctly (and where to do them).
    You'll be fine.
  8. Thanks all. One day on the roads and I'm already filtering in stationary traffic comfortably. My first ride into town last week had me do 3 hook turns so I at least understand them if not familiar regarding where they are.
  9. hey congrats, I work in town as alot of us do, just keep your eyes peeled when filtering in town as you never know when a wally is going to open a door without looking or a pedestrian with doof doof earplugs J walking between traffic, but , you'd probably be used to that stuff too.
  10. Welcome to the NutHouse :)