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Rider Psychology & Style

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nicholas, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Emotional Rider

  2. Level headed Rider

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  1. I was just wondering about peoples different perspectives about the psychology of how they ride.

    I believe there are 2 types of riders, there are the emotional riders who wear their hearts on their wrists and then there are the level headed riders who wear their wrists in their brains.

    Would it be fair to say that emotional riders change their riding style to reflect their particular emotion at the time, and that level headed riders always have a consistant riding style because they don't bring emotion to the ride?

    What rider are you?
  2. i would definitely say level headed. both in riding and driving.

    heard and read way too many stories abot people riding/drving angry/upset and coming unstuck. crashes hurt and i don't want that :twisted:

    Mrs Balmy can't believe it sometimes when i don't beep the horn or abuse someone who cuts me off or something like that :p
  3. I've got to be 58 years old, driving for nearly 40 years and riding for over 30 years by being level-headed.

    However, I do like to give it a tweak on roads that I know well :LOL:.
  4. i ride according to how i feel. i guess that makes me emotional in your books nicholas.
    if i'm feeling good, and my rapport with the bike is good, i will push harder (but not necessarily faster) and if im not "feeling it" i will cruise and enjoy the scenery :cool:
    riding any other way IMHO changes it from a passion, to just another form of A to B. I guess i am spoilt by not having to commute, therefore it is always a "joyride" and never a chore.
    but thats just me :)
  5. Im a bit of both. I can keep my calm when there is an idiot on the road, may sigh to myself or give the quick bit of whispered lip, but otherwise nothing. But I am emotionial in the sense that if im in a really good mood, ill drive with that and enjoy the drive a lot more. If im in a bad mood im a bit more reckless, unfortunately =[
  6. well i consider myself a safe rider. But the main reason i got the bike is that it can get up and move its ass considerably better than my car. So i do joy ride a lot. considering the bike is now my everyday commuter as well. Car is just sitting outside getting cobwebs :(
  7. I'm in the middle somewere.

    I mean im usually level headed, but my riding/driving can be affected by emotional shit. Just that is dosnt happen often an dosnt affect me too much.

    Everyone has a breaking point...
  8. I think that level headed or not you have to change your style sometimes. I only ride on the track, so theoretically I'd always be going hell for leather, but sometimes it just ain't happening. There's obvious things like if you've had a big night on the piss in the last couple of days, but there must be smaller things too, blood sugar, stress, something else ??? Gotta go with whether it feels good or not.
  9. Yep. definitely an emotional rider. Although I'm always aware and paying attention to what's going on regardless of my emotional state.

    Does that make me a middle-grounder? I dunno....
  10. I'd say I'm an emotional rider... definitely my riding style changes depending on my mood, how I'm feeling, how I'm feeling on the bike... etc...

  11. Exactly the same as me, emotional yet absolutely aware.

    It makes you a safe emotional rider. ;)
  12. nicholas didnt differentiate, or elaborate on the context to which he attributed the wrist-brain-heart connection.
    he simply posed a question, as to whether you ride emotionally (ie. your current state of emotion dictates your riding style) or always with your brain in a "level-headed" state (ie. same ol' same ol' cap'n normal). well, thats how i interpreted it.
    i dont think there is truly ANYBODY who is not affected by their emotional state when they ride/drive/do anything really. i think people have picked the level-headed option because it appears to be more PC, and we all like to think highly of ourselves.
    i did watch a doco on driving (not riding) that was perhaps more to do with distractions whilst driving, but one of them was the angry phonecall/argument with passenger, and it changed the driving "style" of every participant. everything we do, and how we handle situations is dictated by our emotions, therefore, IMO, there is only one TRUE answer to this pole <-- err poll :oops:
  13. there's a lot of level-heads on that poll.

    if it was a driving poll, i'd expect that. but if everyone remembers the reason they got a bike, can't tell me 99.9% of the people got one for reasons that were based on emotion. can't see how your riding can be different.

    i think everyone is assuming emotional = nutjob.

    like every person with a motorbike hasn't given it a bit more blat than they should have at some stage ;)
  14. :WStupid:

    i certainly didnt expect to see such dominance from the drones on bikes crowd :shock: :p
  15. [​IMG]

    I actually said Level Headed. Almost to a point of total apathy when on the bike. I admit to sometimes getting riled up in the cage, but on the bike all my cares float away and all focus is on the task at hand. Even dangerous drivers usually only manage to get my back up for a few minutes.

    There's really nothing that puts the world around you in such sharp perspective as a sprint on the bike.
  16. why are you only associating the emotional state of anger with this question? you just spoke of an emotional state, to which you ride to :?
  17. Without being a fence sitter or a self absorbed level headed all round good guy :grin: I tend to loosen the wrist on occasions when I'm just riding solely for the pleasure factor or heading for my favourite slab of road without time constraints. During commuting to and from work I tend to be tired and agitated and a little impatient with fellow road users. This tends to reflect in my riding and I become somewhat aggressive but does tend to exacerbate my general awareness or survival instincts. Put me in a cage during this time and I'm unbearable! I've had quiet, unassuming people who, after being driven by me have turned into ranting lunatics on the roads whilst they've been driving and then told me it was all my fault :LOL: . Guess its the sign of the times with Sydney traffic becoming heavier and heavier and everyone with somewhere to go and in a hurry to get there. So yeah, I believe that unless you're a Vulcan your emotions will dictate how you ride/drive and the general environment your are riding/driving in at the time will also tend to directly influence those feelings :grin: :grin:
  18. I was trying to make the destinction between emotional riding and level headed riding.

    Heres the deal

    We're all emotional creatures, after all we're only human.

    What I mean by emotional riding is that emotional riders tend to have a different style of riding that reflects their emotion at the time, for instance,

    Angry = Riding aggresively and without caution, to be angry and riding on your bike might make you ride with lack of care for anything on the road, or you may ride fast, or you may have a lack of concern for your own safety.

    But the level headed rider will also be angry yet not change his consistant style of riding to reflect his emotion at the time, he/she will maintain a level headed ride yet be angry at the same time.

    So really its a question not of whether we get emotional or not, thats just a given because we're all human, the question was, who gets affected my their emotions and rides in a style that reflects their emotion at the time and who rides with a level head.

    I just want to make it clear that level headed riders feel emotions also, they just don't ride in a style that reflects their emotions.
  19. I think everyone has made valid and relevant points, to which I'd agree with most. In fact I feel a little sheepish that I initially gusto-ed my way into this poll with such a black and white perspective. But hindsight (I think) shows me that I was sub-consciously aware of the many degrees of colour behind such a topic despite my enthusiasm at a 'one-or-the-other poll'.

    It would be ignorant of me to think that we are not emotionaly governed in everything we do, and without some sort of 'anti-emotional' discipline overruling that which makes us so susceptibly human we are bound by such impulses. A fact that depresses, and excites me depending on the emotion that I feel at the time. Ironic, huh?

    I digress. I'm sure this was not meant to be a dismantling of the human psyche and I find myself approaching the topic in such a manner regardless. But the truth remains that I consider myself an emotional rider.

    Feel free to ignore my drunken ramblings at your discretion. I'll probably read over them tomorrow and shake me head in shame....... :oops:

    CHEERS! :cool:
  20. nicolas, i see there is a netrider who understands the difference between emotion and intellect, well done. in knowing so and doing so you are or would be considered much higher intellectual status than most of the population. some people cannot even be taught the difference [such as the last fella i tried to explain it to 'whoosh! right over his head] thats a true bogan :roll:

    are you doing psych this year? do you understand the 'see saw effect'?

    cheers :cool: