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Rider Noob (Sydney)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Joe Luna, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    As the title suggest, recently got my L's and a friend suggested the site.

  2. Welcome to NR Joe LunaJoe Luna . What do you ride?
  3. Welcome. This is where all the noobs hang out
  4. Hi Goldenberri,
    A friend upgraded his bike and was nice enough to give me his Kymco CK125 to get me started.
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  5. Thanks. I'm hoping to meet a few at the Learner Riding Session on Saturday.
  6. The lessons are great and the people are awesome. When I did my P's, out of 9 people that did the test, 3 passed and they were the one's that practised before the course.
  7. Haha....I've had my CB125 since January. Let's see how long it takes you to say something like..."What?! Oh come on liddle bike, faster!!" :D
  8. Lmao! It's already been said. Only got my license last month. It's ok though considering that I never even thought that I'd be allowed to get the license in the first place. And all its cost me is rego and insurance, so Winning!
  9. Yeah, my friend that put me onto the site said that it was well worth doing.
  10. If your using it around urban areas it will be great. I just happen to live in the sticks with a lot of 100kpm zones, but I don't regret my choice of learner bike and I love it to bits. I've learned so much on it and I'm sure you will too.
  11. Welcome, Joe Luna! (y)
  12. Welcome to the forum!
  13. Howdy!

    Check out the seperate thread on the Sydney learner sessions. There is a L's group ride planned for this weekend so you might end up all alone if you go to Bennelong Place on Saturday.
  14. Welcome aboard, Joe.
  15. Hi,
    Thanks for letting me know. I can seem to see the separate thread, but will keep an eye on the link and go from there.
  16. Welcome aboard. :]
  17. welcome aboard :] congrats on the L's