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Rider needed for Duathlon - this Sunday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tree-hugga, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    A friend of mine is involved in organising a Duathlon Race (run-pushbike-run) this Sunday morning in Yan Yean.

    They require a motorcyle rider to carry a race Marshall as a pillion and ride the bike leg checking that the riders are not drafting in each other's slipstream.

    Location is Yan Yean Reservoir Park, Recreation Rd, Yan Yean. It kicks off at 8am and you'll be done by around 9.30am at the latest.

    Being MotoGP weekend is one of the reasons they are finding it hard to find a rider to help them out.

    I did it last year and it was pretty cushy. Ride around in 2nd gear (20-30kph) for about 25-30 kms. The course is a 4km loop. The race marshall is an experienced pillion who was a pleasure to have on board. The road is closed, so there is no other traffic apart from the competitors.

    I am participating in the race this year, which is why I am not helping out as the bike rider.

    Payment will be $50 to cover your petrol and time. I am unsure of the insurance implications should anything happen so it might be best to check with the point of contact at the club.

    If you live up Whittlesea/Sth Morang way, hold a full licence and have a spare couple of hours on Sunday morning and are interested, PM me for more details.

  2. Everyone knows draft marshalls are a waste of time, just make him watch from the sideline, his effectiveness will be the same! :p