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Rider nabbed for 202km/h on Nepean Hwy Cheltenham

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jbray, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. The insane hysteria that speeding is whipping up in the media will soon have it gazetted as a capital crime ...
    total *ullshit ....some of these dudly doorights REALLY need to get a life
  2. Thats just around the corner, Looks like I better slow down :cry:
  3. Nepean highway?

  4. I reckon he should have been fined $10000 not $2000 .

    There is no justification at aall for him doing that along there. Anything could go wrong, there are houses along there - how would his bike go into a paling fence at 200kmh with a family using thier backyard on the other side, or through the shops on the other side.

    What a nob.
  5. If it's in the paper it must be bad.

    Tomorrows headlines:

    "St Albans man loses license for giving passenger a severe chinese burn"

    "P-Plater's tacho clocked at 15,000rpm"

    "Motorist caught with stereo at 110db on Freeway"
  6. "There was a clear path between Centre Dandenong Rd and the next red light . . . it was a 15-second burst of stupidity.

    Clear path my ass. I know that exact stretch of road (travel it everyday home from work), and cars regularly pull out of the side road or u-turns from opposite direction. Several months ago, bike beside me at the exact same set of lights did almost the exact same thing, instead though pulling a wheelie, and he had to drop the front wheel, slam on the brakes, and swerve to avoid a car that did a u-turn.

    He has since sold the bike and vowed never to ride one again.
    Boy racer who just wanted an adrenalin rush, or a BS line to appease the judge?

    Magistrate Philip Rodda said people who wanted to speed should join motor racing clubs instead of endangering lives at totally unjustified speeds on the road.
    That section of road, at that time of day on a Friday, I'd agree with him and his sentencing.
  7. well working of the thread "top speed of a 250", he would of been better off saving his penny's and buying a couple of netriders older 250's as they go hard then that :LOL: :p ;)
  8. lmao thats about it too ............ and judge "playing with his rodda" will be there to dish out the punnishment
  9. half of page 6 of the herald sun today had a bloke that got stuck in a washing machine while playing hide and seek with his kids. i shit you not, those fekkers are BORED at the moment.

    i'm kinda cut. when i got done at those speeds, i didn't get any paper write up :( musta acually been some interesting things going on at the time.... bastards :evil:
  10. IF you lot are going to Crucify someone for speeding ... and lest we not cast stones here .... you cant make distintions on where its done ... when after all speeding is a crime ...FULLSTOP.. if its ok to speed in outback but*uk nowhere ... its ok anywhere
  11. The bloke was a tool - he did it in the most innappropriate place - in front of a speed camera.
  12. Hmmm ...

    Scenario 1:
    Country road, 100km/h zone. Can see for 2 km's. No intersecting roads, no traffic lights, no cars on side of roads, no businesses and houses. Only person to kill is yourself.

    Scenario 2:
    Highly trafficed urban road, 80km/h zone. Can see for 1km. Lots of intersecting/joining roads. 2 traffic lights in that 1km. Business and houses stacked alongside. Easy to kill mum and kids if they miss judge your ludicrous speed and pull out in front of you.

    Now, which are you going to pick to do 200km/h to see how fast your bike goes? Surely it's easy to pick a distinction on where to do it!?!
  13. Of course you can...

    That's the point I keep making. There ARE places where you can speed without putting yourself (or anyone else) at enormous risk - either of crashing or of being caught.

    The Nepean Highway (anywhere on the Nepean Highway) is not one of them...

    unfortunately the places where it is probably safest are also where you will get caught...
  14. not in the eyes of the law ... and thats what matters ... iam not sticking up for the dude ... we all speed sometimes ........ its the Hypocracy of it all that gets up my nose
  15. I don't think anyones talking laws (we all know it's against the law no matter where you do it) when they respond to this sort of stuff in this sort of place in this sort of environment ... most/all are talking appropriateness, stupidity, and reputation/affect. Very little hypocrisy in that.
  16. How are people being hypocritical? Most people condemn this guy for being an idiot not for the speed itself - but for when and where he did it.


  17. Lmao,nicely put Dan :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  18. I still don't understand it. If you're going out to break the law by riding at >120kph over the limit in the middle of the city, then what's with not covering up the license plate? Not that I'm encouraging doing so but if you're going to break the law to such a degree then covering the plate would be a relatively minor course of action to take in comprarison.

    In any event, this is again another clear example of the inappropriate use of speed.
  19. Gee he wont last long as a magistrate with common sense comments like that.

    It wasn't me and you cant prove a thing :p