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Rider moves bikes to make more parking space

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by alleyway, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I'm still reeling from shock from what I saw this morning so here goes *rant start*...

    As the 'free bike parking' thing is a relatively new phenomenon in the Sydney CBD, as a bike rider I'm always pretty interested in seeing how fast the allocated spots fill up in the mornings....

    I was walking past the bike parking on Phillip Street in the city about 45 minutes ago (just past 8am) when I noticed a scooter stopped perpendicular to the parked bikes...first strange thing.

    I look over and there's a guy struggling to move a parked bike...it suddenly clicks. The guy (the scooter rider) has decided that if he shifts some of the bikes, he can manage to squeeze his scooter into the free parking section (which was otherwise full). :shock: My first reaction was "what the f***???" I think the general consensus on this forum in relation to the question of "when is it EVER ok to touch someone else's bike" would be "never" (or never without their permission anyway!!). I had to stop and observe for a while to make sure I wasn't just imagining things.... :shock:

    The ONLY acceptable reaction in this situation (ie not being able to park your bike) is being pissed off at yourself for not waking up early enough to get the free parking spot that you want. It's NEVER ok or even mildly acceptable to touch let alone wrestle with all the bikes/scooters (including attemping to pick them up/push them sideways which I saw this guy do...) around the spot where you want to park your bike just so you can fit your stupid Vespa (or anything else) in. It's not yours, don't touch it. :evil:

    Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse (at this point, I had walked back to the parking section just so there could be no mistaking what was happening and he had eventually managed to squeeze his scooter in between two others) I notice that this guy has put all of his gear (his helmet, jacket, gloves etc) on top of the bikes/scooters around him. That's right....he hasn't put it on his own seat but he's shoved it all over everyone else's bikes including banging his helmet all over the bike/scooter next to his. Again, "what the f***?!?!?" :evil:

    Silver Vespa rider - if you read this post, DO NOT go around touching/moving other people's bikes/scooters and if you don't have anywhere to put your gear once you're parked, put it on the ground not on top of someone else's bike.

    And to those that park in the Phillip Street bike parking - watch out for this loser and possibly damage to your bike/scooter that wasn't there when you parked your bike....

    *rant over*

    EDIT: Yes I will be leaving him a note and I didn't confront him cause I'm a chick and didn't want to get into a big fight with a random guy (yes, yes a scooter riding guy)... :oops: (see post below)

  2. ...and I suppose that you were good enough to have a word to the twat?


    Then you're just as bad as he/she is. :roll:


    Posted at the same time Blue... :)
  3. So you had the time to sit and watch this guy carefully, get incensed at him manhandling all the other bikes, but you didn't go over to him and make a polite suggestion for him to keep his dirty frigging hands off them?
  4. you didn't happen to go and tell him that its wrong to do? i sure would have. That is just plain rude and disrespectful of him.
  5. I would of parked up, put my gear on my bike and gone and told him he's touching my bike, and that i want his Insurance details to really put the wind up him.

    And yes, its never acceptable to touch someone elses bike. When I'm parked up having a perv at other peoples bikes with a ciggie in my hand, ill hold the ciggie at arms length so I dont even get ash on a bike.

    There are people out there like this tho. Shame really.
  6. At the very least if he was that intimidating you could have left a polite(?) note on the scooter explaining that what he did was very ill mannered...
  7. i did get his plate and will be leaving a note for him re this morning...but yes, i should have said something to him at the time

    as a chick i didn't want to get into a big fight with a random guy on the street (although a scooter riding guy at that...) :oops:
  8. Sorry, may have been a bit harsh, didn't realise you were a chick. I still think you should have at least pointed out the error of their ways though.
  9. Was this him?

  10. the OP makes a good point.

    I should add that just because shes's a non-confrontational soul, doesn't mean you guys can rip into her. (no difference if the OP was a dude either.)
  11. Thanks for the tip champ - see above :roll:
  12. I'm certainly not ripping into her. I do think that a suggestion could be made without it needing to be confrontational though. Glad to hear the OP intends to leave a note for him. :)
  13. :roll:

    Dear Scooter rider.

    I was less than impressed with your actions this morning of touching other peoples property just for your own convenience.

    I appreciate that there was no space this morning when you came to park, however perhaps instead of moving everyone else’s bikes perhaps you should have moved on to an area that would accommodate you.

    Please note in future, it is not okay to use other peoples bikes as a table to rest your gear, it is also not okay to move / touch / or otherwise other peoples property.

    As you can appreciate our laws have just changed to be more accommodating for us riders, I hope its not because of people with your attitude that they revert back to the same rules as before.

    If you continue this practice, I will have no option but to alert the others in the parking area.


    Scooter riders... what more can i say
  14. Careful Evie, my folks both ride scooters :p
  15. so ranter. if you had of asked why he was doing this then maybe it may have made some sense..or you could have assisted him in why he needed to park there. bike parking is a very touchy topic.
    those who look and do zero may aswell just stay home.
    why dont you pop over to thailand and check out bike parking there. or $150000 bmws push parking in paris..
    Oops. yes a girl you are. understand that you dont want to approach some random bloke. but in a city full of people who would have seen the same thing i doubt he would have done anything. just another sydney wanker i guess. you would be amazed that by fronting someone they will usually realise they are being a knob
  16. Dougz

    You prove my point
    :grin: :cool: :oops:
  17. Being a 'chick' probably gave you more reason to approach him - if it was another guy it could easily end up in a punch up but the likelihood of him starting something physical with a girl would have been very slim.

    Good on you for actually writing the letter. I would have made it a little more blunt though - put the wind up him a little. The guy's obvious a complete tosser so writing a 'reasonable' letter probably won't have the desired effect.

    lol my housemate is a bad driver and one day she came out to her car to find a letter and all it said was "dickheads like you should catch the bus"
  18. Jnr - she didnt write the letter .. i did

    *pay attention* :p

    If it was my letter - i'd be more "creative"...

    The silver scooter parked next to my bike yesterday left my mirror tilted with a beautiful silver scratch along it...

    Selfish w@nkers really chap my as$
  19. now this is my kind of letter...
  20. :LOL: