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Rider making room to park scooter

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spud Gun, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. I saw a strange thing this morning while on my way to work. I was heading to the Domain carpark in Sydney ($6 flat fee for secure bike parking), and I passed the free bike parking spaces in front of the Cathedral which were all full, when I see a scooter rider parked parallel to the kerb in front of all the parked bikes and scooters. The rider was off the scooter and had a hold of the back of one of the bikes, wiggling, dragging and moving it to make a gap for him to park his scooter. I couldn't believe my eyes! He wasn't being shy or coy about it either, his legs were bent and he was giving it some wellie. Does this happen? I would never do anything like that, look but don't touch is my motto. Anyone heard or seen people do this kind of thing? Or maybe caught someone doing this to their bike?

  2. what the fcuk??? I HATE people that do stoopid shit like that :evil:

    I ALSO hate seeing some fcuking dumbass scooter in between two bike spots where they CLEARLY just don't fit.

    WTF is wrong with having a little respect for other people's stuff???
  3. The first time I parked in that free bay was the last. I came back to the bike to find both my mirrors bent inwards and a scooter on one side that was very, very close. I opted for the paid, secure parking after that and judging from what I saw this morning I made the right decision.
  4. You see that shit happening again, go give the little nerd a wedgie and steal his lunch money.
  5. and a swift belt across the helmet :p
  6. I assume the same. 1st day I took my yamaha to uni, I parked it in the usual spot. Came back in the evening to find the front wheel had rotated 300o, dent in the petrol tank, scratch on the fairing and gear box covers...was a little pissed. I assume a scooter rider knocked it over (god knows how) since all motorcycle riders are trained in how to park them. It was unlikely a car had touched it as I was parked back from the road and next to a tree.

    I have also stood by my bike and watched a scooter rider knock my mirrors around with his back pack whilst playing with his toy :evil:
  7. They undervalue the bikes either side of them because their automatic pieces of rubbish cost next to nothing. I have often found my mirrors bent back or forward by some fat fcuker who has parked too close and had to push past.

    For shits and giggles at lunch today go down with some mates and physically move his scooter onto the footpath. Do it! And take before and after shots if you can.
  8. for further shits and giggles, wait somewhere until said fcuker comes back.. when he comes back and has a sad about where his PoS is sitting, step out and beat him up. Be sure to get before and after pics.

  9. :) :) :grin: That made me laugh! I didn't know you had such a destructive personality emsie! Remind me not to park next to you next time we're on a ride...god forbid I touch your bike! :grin:

    I have to agree though, scooter riders seem oblivious to everyone and everything, they just don't understand the risks involved, and have no respect for other bikes (this is my personal opinion, and is based on 'scoota riders' who are on 50cc scooters with no motorcycle training).

    If I saw someone dragging my bike to one side to make room for theirs, I would politely but firmly push a brick through their helmet.
  10. LOL!! :LOL: Well, it's important to be polite in such a situation. Use the heel of the hand to insert the brick, but keeping the pinky finger in the air at all times. We're not savages after all!
  11. It feels like a monday :shock: I reckon I'm *relatively* tolerant of people being near my bike but it still comes down to look and don't touch unless it's an accident and for god's sake, don't try and MOVE it :p

    I'm significantly less tolerant of scooters being planted in between bikes AND cars where there's clearly just not any room for them without thoroughly disrespecting other people's property. I commend you on your choice of action with the brick. Consider removing politely from the equation tho and it would be much more worthwhile viewing ;)
  12. ummm... y is the emphasis on the fact that this guys on a scooter? i suppose if he was on a bike, it would all be ok? youre saying you would feel different if a biker moved youre ride? the ewmphasis should be placed on the fact that he/she touched the bike in the first place. oh, and with mirrors, if you dont want them bent back, perhaps do the curteous and smart thing by turning them in when you leave youre bike? ive experienced some of the worst, being a courier in melb, so im definately not saying that this behaviour is acceptable...
  13. If I'd ever seen a motorbike parked between two other bikes (or scooters) which are between the lines as they're meant to be, I would say it about motorbikes. Fact is, it's a lot more difficult to fit most motorbikes in those gaps in the first place, so most people just wouldn't try. Scooters are narrower and so there's less distance to actually move something which, I'm guessing, means it's ok. :evil:
  14. oh and just to clarify, I'm with Muppeteer .. I'm talking about the 50cc scooters - the little tiny ones that you don't need any kind of licence to ride (and therefore no kind of training to ride).
  15. best bit of carma I saw was just off pultney st here in Adel, where 3 scooters parked incorrectly (parallel to the curb) were double parked by 5 or so bikes...should have taken a photo. Only noticed cause a guy was trying to pull his scooter onto the sidewalk to get out.

    Wish I had my old CB250 back...at 200+ kgs, nobody could move it but me :roll:

    PS - are scooters classified as motorcycles? or should the parking signs read "motorcycles AND scooters only". I think it seems kinda unfair given we had to go through rigorous testing to even have the privilege of riding a bike to park there...they just rock up with no license other than a car license...no lessons at a cost of $600. I think that sux. It was once the best thing about bikes, and it's being chiseled away.
  16. i've got the opposite problem - the scooters parked at uni always take up waay to fcuking much space. right in the middle, so you can't quite fit a motorbike in (even my very narrow SRX).

    My theory is that they think they're in some sort of luxurious parking resort where they can take their scooter to relax and unwind in wide open spaces.

  17. I touch nothing, and in return i expect nothing ot be touched.

    And yes, this may be a bold statement but I will say, gladly, that scooters deserve only just enough respect to allow them to survive their commute.
  18. after I had one try to overtake myself and an L-plater mate on a kawasaki GPX using the turning right lane at a set of lights on pultney street...I'd agree to that. Like a 50cc would beat either of us taking off. :evil:
  19. mmmm .. yeah and even then, debatable. :twisted:
  20. What he did is certainly an offence in the eyes of the law. The same as moving someones car without their consent (whether illegaly parked or not).
    The only people that can do that are firies, cops and tow trucks (under the direction of cops).
    Also a great example of why a motion activated alarm is a must have if you park your bike in public locations.