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Rider loses it at taxi

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by ewok3141, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. A story to relate from this morning...

    I was in a cab this morning being driven to work. The cab decides to take the Cahill Expressway exit and moves to the bus lane just before the Falcon St exit, without checking and nearly cleans up a big guy on a cruiser...

    Naturally big guy on cruiser gets very, very angry and decides to tell the taxi driver how angry he is...

    So for the rest of the way nearly up to the toll gates, big guy on cruiser keeps on yelling, gesturing and LOOKING at the taxi...and he forgets to look at the traffic. Last second, he looks ahead, sees a car in front of him STOPPED for the tolls, has an oh shit moment and changes lanes without looking, making another car swerve out of the way (there's not much room near the toll gates on Cahill Expressway if you know Sydney). He survives.....

    Anyways, prob not interesting, but an interesting observation on how being angry makes you do stupid things....

  2. meh!!!!!

    It's true what they say.

    The older you get the more tolerant you become.

    I had a car decide that it would rather drive where my right leg was. These days I just shake the head and carry on dodging other morons.
  3. ^^
  4. It does. You value what you've got more. I got 2 hungry dogs, 2 cats and a beautiful girlfriend, no way am I going to lose that for a moment of vengeance, however sweet or fleeting it might be.

    BTW, do you think the rider perhaps saw the irony in his situation?

    What's really really pissing me off with all these 'some cager nearly KILLED me' is the sanctimoneous holier than fcuking thou, butter wouldn't melt in my perfect frikkin mouth attitude. Of course, we're all perfect, never cock up, never forget a head check, perhaps put someone else out. But heaven help some evil cage driver who dare make a simple error or even just not see us. No, that deserves righteous retribution and 8 pages of forum posts, with countless other riders all backing our lone hero up.

    Worse, some rider get nicked for 180-230 kmh, we're all on here defending our right to go as fast as we want, whenever we want, coz we're all perfect. Then you go to the forums and read yet another post from someone who's binned their bike in the most inane ways. fcuk, we all make mistakes, very few people ever leave home with the intent to go and kill someone with their car and even those crazies that do tend to be monumentally unsuccessful.

    Just accept that riding a bike isn't as safe as driving to work in a cotton wool covered boxed, airbags secreted in every nook. Take precautions, give yourself space, expect the unexpected. If you see a taxi, he might do a u-turn. A car on the left hand side might make a right turn when you don't expect it. Ride to survive, have a ball and try to pick a time & a place to have your fun, be it road or track. And when your time and place lands you in trouble, don't come back here complaining about how unfair it is. Suck it up, do the time (fight if you can) save some cash and come back when it's over.

  5. Why did you stop short of typing Lake Leake Road???? :p
  6. Top post Cejay :)

  7. if ya fed ya dogs cejay, u would have 2 dogs , 2 cats and a beautiful g/f at home
  8. That is one awesome road!
  9. People should practice more zen. If I notice myself raging it up I just bundle it all up and release it with a shrug of the shoulders while saying "meh!". It's important to link it to a specific gesture and word. Works best when you do it in front of the person who's causing you rage.
  10. What, so because you have no self control you feel the need to mock others preaching it?
  11. Cejay,

    Shame on you for going against our Sheene given rights to biatch about cages. Shame.

    btw wee need proof about the beauty of your girlfriend. Pictures will sufice.
  12. Preaching is the keyword indeed.
  13. *deleted* can't be arsed. I'll line you up another time.
  14. I had an "incident" with a taxi a few months ago on the Tulla freeway.

    Was in the right hand lane doing, oh the speed limit :wink: . It's umm, 4 lanes wide at that point (up before the Bulla exit heading outbound), nothing really to my left when a taxi doing about 130 couldn't be bothered going around me to the left decides to squeeze in on the right, half in my lane half in the emergency lane. His left hand mirror was a few inches from my handlebars as he hammered past on the way to the airport.

    I was "slightly" upset by this and balsted my horn at him (I put a stebel on the little 250) but he just gesticulated wildly with his arms as he took off up the road.

    So I tailed him for a few k's but he was on a mission to try and upset/kill as many people as possible. Excessive speeding and changing lanes without indicating so I backed off, not before I got his license plate number :grin:

    One email of complaint to the VTD and a week later a nice letter of apology and information that the incident had been investigated and the driver disciplined.

    Moral of the story: Don't get mad, get even.

    Don't know about other states, but the taxi drivers here in Melbourne are the most arrogrant, ignorant and inconsiderate road users I've ever come across. How the hell do they get a license in drive? Their behaviour might be acceptable in country they come from (I make no apology for the fact that most of these drivers are not native Aussies mate), but in this country we do have standards.
  15. Mockery's my middle name, that doesnt mean I dont agree with the bloke. For what it's worth I'm one of the most situationally aware, considerate riders you'll ever meet.
  16. Modest and quite self effacing too.
  17. Hey, if someones allowed to make a judgement call based on zero personal knowledge of me, surely i'm entitled to make one based on the many years I've known myself :)

    Modesty tends to waste time. On the flipside, I'll denounce my flaws just as loudly as I extoll my virtues. I eat healthy steaks, and follow it up with icecream. Shed a salty tear at the movies and yell at footy matches. Life isnt meant to be boring :p