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VIC Rider knocked off by car on Eastern newspaper comments moronic

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by tigerspew, May 17, 2011.

  1. Re: Rider knocked off by car on Eastern

    Phew! One lucky bugger indeed! Glad he's okay.

    Seriously, did the comments made frustrate the living daylights out of you, as they did with me?!?! Well folks, in case we were ever wondering what the public thought of motorcyclists, our queries are now answered....farkwits!

    And I bet the rider did nothing wrong, but more so 'twas a case of selfish, vindictive driving behavior by a cager which caused the accident?!
  2. Re: Rider knocked off by car on Eastern

    The ignorant have spoken.
  3. Re: Rider knocked off by car on Eastern

    I had to submit a comment... bloody morons!
  4. Definitely a pro-bike attitude prevailing in the comments.
  5. I suspect Ice cube is trolling, possibly boy.racers new pseudonym.
  6. Ice cube, Describes himself excellently,

    Block of ice holding his ears apart,
  7. Re: Rider knocked off by car on Eastern

    And a fair one too Rob, a pity the only ones who hear that message are already riders...
  8. I got published... I should have checked my work though... I hate obvious typos. grrrrrr.

    Seriously though, if you want to see some primo flitering and splitting and drivers accepting this as normal practice, get onto Youtube and look up some Sao Paolo highway videos.

    Edit: Thanks [MENTION=33072]NiteKreeper[/MENTION]
  9. Ice cube did a very good troll. He got a lot of people.
  10. Unfortunately morons like Ice Cube usually aren't trolling - he probably works for the TAC! :-s
  11. Rider gets mown down by cager, and idiots jump on the rider.
    The TAC's campaign has done it's job. Now more drivers can do the same, secure in the knowledge that they cannot be held responsible for their actions.
  12. Wasn't an off duty police officer that mowed them down was it???