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Rider killed in TT race accident

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vic, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    John Crellin was an experienced TT competitor

    A competitor has been killed in an accident during Friday's Senior TT race in the Isle of Man.

    John Crellin, a civil engineer who was from the island, crashed at the Mountain Box section on the final lap of the race.

    The official TT website described 58-year-old Crellin as an experienced competitor who had also taken part in Manx Grand Prix events.

    It is believed Crellin was the only rider involved in the accident.

    Earlier on Friday, Manxman Crellin had finished third in the inaugural TTXGP, a race for clean emission motorcycles.
  2. Sad. The island claims another.
  3. I wouldn't have the ticker for that race. Much respect to all the guys who ride it, and RIP to this fellah.
  4. I suppose the question is why was he doing this at all :? 58 years old for goodness sake :roll:
  5. The picture shows him with a garland and a bottle of champers; he must have been on some podium sometime recently, because he looks well over 50 there...
  6. Not everyone is soiling themselves and playing bridge after age 50. Chuck Yeager was still setting records in his 70's, and this here bloke was doing bloody well as well. Something we all should aspire too.
  7. Pffffft...!!! I'm 52 and I've got a whole lot more living to do yet.....
  8. Died doing what he obviously loved. Hope I go out like that. Could you be more of a wowser?
  9. A sad day for the sport, and for his friends and Family.
  10. I think it said that he finished third in the zero-emmissions catagory last week in the post. :wink:
  11. A sad day for motorsport ...
    Condolences to the family.
    RIP John Crellin