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Rider killed at Superbike Champs

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by pvda, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/04/05/2535291.htm?section=sport

    Posted 3 hours 55 minutes ago

    A rider has been killed in a crash at the Australian Superbike Championship at Symmons Plains in northern Tasmania.

    The accident happened just before 11:00am this morning.

    Police say the rider died at the scene.

    No other competitors are believed to have been injured in the crash.

    I'm aware of who it is but as the next of kin may not have all been notified I'm not posting who it is at this stage.

    Sad time for the ASBK series :cry:
  2. Thanks for posting, sad day :-(
  3. Just heard about this. RIP to the young bloke, and I believe another is in a serious condition.
  4. very sad news
  5. A very distressing event to all that were at the track :cry:
  6. Wow..........

    This makes me immensely sad :cry:

    Things like this make you think deep about what we do. These guys are some of the best riders in Oz.

    Certainly makes me wonder if it's worth the risks sometimes. :? :(

    Thoughts go out to the family & friends, and the other guys involved who are injured....
  7. Race incidents or public figures do not constitute as rider down threads as they are in the public interest. It is purely the anonymous ones as set out in the t&c's which may upset families on these forums or may have been so speculative like the time we buried a perfectly alive and non accidented rider in ringwood once due to rumours. (ie it never happened yet people were sending condolences and wanting to set up a ride to the person's house to pay their respects :roll:)

    Edit: turns out he was the boyfriend of a friend of ours so sadder again.
    (So sorry to hear about it Gnat)
  8. It was Judd Greedy. That is absolutely tragic. I mean every death is tragic, but Judd was a true shining up-and-coming talent. If you read AMCN, Judd was one of the guest testers on the AUSTest that they hosted last year. He was one of Australia's top privateer racers and really was bound for bigger things given the right opportunities. Deeply shocked by this.
  9. Many many condolences to all who knew Judd, his family and friends. A tragic loss.
  10. I've seen too many bright young men killed pursuing their dreams on the track, but nothing makes this sort of news any easier to hear :(.
  11. We got the news at Broadford, at Lunchtime. It was a sad day up there.

    Farewell Judd
  12. Serious incidents are so rare in top level racing that we forget what these guys are risking. Judd was a superstar in waiting and a lovely bloke. RIP. :(
  13. I concur, it is a dangerous sport even with all the gear.

  14. tragic. he was going places too. what a waste.

    condolences to his family & friends.

  15. And thoughts go out to the other riders involved.
  16. Looking at those pics from the age, it reminds me of a statement by Kenny Roberts in one of his interviews in “Faster†in which he sais that the new purpose built tracks are so much safer with run off areas and so on.
    That barrier is right on the track. When whatever happened went down it looks like it was a dangerous place for it to happen (In light of modern track design)
    It is really sad to see.
  17. Was one of the bikes an R6???

    Gotta agree with FL. I dunno how a track with a wall so close to the track can get the nod from the safety officials :? I know we would be left with only one or two tracks to race on, but tragedies like this may have been avoided on a 'proper' track, with sufficient runoffs and clearance between track and walls.
    Winton also needs redesigning imho to be race worthy.....
  18. Glenn Allerton doesn't think the track was in any way to blame.

    You see from the pic that it was on the straight, on the exit of the corner. It's an accident that may have happened at any race track.

    I think it's important not to let this develop into a rider down/speculation thread. Judd would have lots of friends and it's not fair or proper to start apportioning blame.

    At the beginning of every MA sanctioned race there is a briefing about how 'motorcycle racing is dangerous'. This is a reminder to all of us that even with the best riders, preparation and safety equipment, tragedies still occur.

    RIP Judd.
  19. We have an identical exit up here, onto main straight along armco. That isn't the problem though, getting hit by another bike is.
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