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rider ken down [Syd]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ibast, May 10, 2006.

  1. Well, after 13 years of riding I’ve finally done it.

    Yep, on the way home yesterday evening I got in a prang.

    I was totally my fault.

    Riding west along Balaclava road (Syd), I come up to an intersection on my left, which was about 300m back from the lights, which are down the other side of the hill.

    At the Intersection there was a car coming towards me turning right and another in the right lane, going my way, also turning right into their driveway, right opposite the intersect.

    I was watching both of these closely to make sure they saw me and no-one decided to do a swift lane change, which is not uncommon on this road.

    It was then that the RAV-4, which I couldn’t see past, suddenly stopped. I got on the brakes and I’m not sure if I hit upright or I low sided. I hit the lower right side of the car and rolled into the right lane. Luckily not many people use the right lane here.

    Like I stated, totally my fault, but a number of events conspired against me. The traffic never banks up that far and I was riding into the sun and then the turning cars.

    Mostly I’m just shitty with myself. I should have slowed a bit more, when I saw all that other stuff going on and I shouldn’t have had a bit more space and I shouldn’t have been complacent about where the traffic banks up and what the traffic was doing up ahead.

    Injury count; I come down pretty hard on my right hip and banged it and the Kevlar from the Draggins grazed it. It would have been worse if I was wearing ordinary jeans. My left index finger tip is sore as is my right shoulder. Other then that, I’m fine.

    Bike damage: When I pulled the bike upright I couldn’t turn the bars. I immediately thought the folks were bent. Closer investigation revealed that the instrument pod was hitting on the headlight mount, because the fairing had been pushed in. So I proceed to remove all the now busted fairing on the side of the road. Top fairing and lower right were pretty busted up. The mid-right has some repairable scuffs and the hard to get mirrors were a lost cause. Also the fuel tap busted off, which I suspect is due to the fairing pushing back on it. I’m still not sure if the folks are bent. Sometimes I look at them and swear they are, other times I’m not sure. I’ll know more when I removed what’s left of the front and get a bit of a straight edge on them.

    Gear: the draggins; did well. I slid for a bit on my right hip and the pocket has a slight wear through. This is wear the scary bit starts, for those that don’t have full protective stuff. When I got home I noticed the back of my Force jacket had wear marks on it that basically outlined the shape of the back protector. The seams mid back had split open a little. More alarming was the chunk missing out of my AGV fibreglass helmet. The scary bit is I didn’t notice that I had slide on my back or hit my head and I was only doing about 55-60.

    Mostly I’m just pissed with myself.
  2. all things aside, it's good you're alive and able to write this post mate :wink:
  3. sorry to hear, glad you are able to walk away.
  4. Yeah, thanks. Bit of a rough night last night and a bit of a limp this morning, but other wise fine.
  5. Glad you are OK.

    Another vote for protective gear - don't squid people :squid:
  6. shitty about your bike, but great that you're OK. I know that ride differently since my off last year, I look at everything so much more intently, but that wont mean that it wont happen again. I guess you can only do the best you can.

    Hope it all comes back together for you.
  7. Glad to hear you are ok and the gear did its job.
  8. The helmet was the scary thing. I could have swore I didn't hit my head, but when I got home, there was the chunk out of it.
  9. Mate glad to hear you are ok
    We all crew up sometimes, it's good when the end result is only a broken ego and bike ! :grin:
  10. glad to hear you're ok ibast....
    i came off a while ago and was similarly surprised to hear my helmet was scratched up. I dont recall hitting my head, or rolling, but according to my partner there was scratches on both sides of my helmet (I never saw the hemet, ambos took off with it) At least its done its job though, gotta be thankful for that!
    And another vote for the draggins, mine didnt tear or anything, and I came off at a similar speed...
    hope you get the bike fixed and you have smooth riding from here on....
  11. Good to hear that you ended up ok...bad luck on the bike though :(
  12. Glad to hear you came out of it pretty ok.

    Get well soon!
  13. bugger about the off, good to know your gear protected you.

    hopefully the bike will be good as new soon!
  14. Glad to hear you're ok, if a little lopsided. Good to hear that the helmet did it's job... you didn't notice that your head took a significant smack on the turf/bike/$deity knows what.