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...rider karma points: whats good and bad???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Hello all;

    I started this thread because over the last few weeks i've noticed my riding style be more "adaptive" but most would say bold (to say it nicely) or plain stupid.

    Recently i've been lane splitting at faster speeds, weaving though traffic a lot quicker, and finding my way though general traffic a s*** load quicker then i used to. All the while i have been thinking each time i do something, is it positive or negative karma points?? Did letting that cager in 10 minutes ago give me enough points to split/cut that cager off to move though the traffic??

    What prompted me to make this post was a recent ride to my parents place. Going up the calder, i was 'simply in the zone' or more correctly, in a shity mood and just wanted to get there asap. Finding cars sitting in the right lane at the same speed as the car directly next to it in the left lane (calder highway), i found myself pushing my limited acceleration (at 120km/h) enough to squeeze between them. Most cages that day moved a bit to the sides to give me room, only one 4WD tested me and was a little close.
    All the while i pushed on somewhat over the speed limit not giving a hoot.

    I thought about it at home and concluded that its the benefit of been on a bike, stuff 'em. On the way home however, i was slightly compelled to race the clock home. Sitting above 140km/h the entire way down the calder, i passed an ambo, who was in the right hand lane, i passed on the left doing 150... he was doing 120ish.... and had its lights on. :oops: :oops:

    I figured i'm not interfering with them, bugger it i'll press on and before i knew it i was home, in record time.

    Then it got me thinking, what exactly makes good and bad karma points?? Warning other bikes splitting in traffic that an unmarked cop is up ahead (today, girl on kawa green 600 of some description, near telstra dome) is an expected one, slowing down busy traffic to let a motorbike waiting up ahead to turn right accross your traffic, but when its a car is doing the same thing, leaving it there maybe a mixed one??

    What are peoples thoughts on motorbike karma points and what scores them up or down??

  2. Matt, you asked............
    Personally, from reading this post,.. I think you are running one helluva 'tab' at the moment and if you're not lucky, someone is going to want to 'collect'...
    If you are into Karma, try reflection also.....splitting sometimes, when appropriate is naughty :twisted: .....taking chances can get you killed.

  3. Keep closer to them ambulances, they'll come in handy :wink: +1 with Rogues. Don't mean to necropost to the maxxtreme dude but you is on borrowed time booooii. :cry:
  4. Judging by your post, staying near ambulances sounds like a good idea no matter what kind of karma you get from it :shock:
  5. riding in the right frame of mind is important for a rider and being in a sh!tty mood will promote you to do such things.i dont think a rider has ever come to grief whilst completely expecting to do so,no matter how agressive your riding style so keep that in mind and allow it to realign your defensive attitude.
    drivers who travel in the right lane at the same speed as the other lanes is something that seriously sh!ts me,but to split at speed is to take a risk as you are depending on the awareness of others who are quite clearly ignorant of their surroundings.gaps will always present themselves for you to take advantage of even if you have to wait just that taddy bit longer.
    stay safe mate and remember you are the only one you can depend on to keep you safe. :wink:
  6. Getting home a minute later because you had to slow down or be more cautious on the road isn't going to kill you.

    The way you're riding, karma has nothing to do with it. Some cager is going to clean you up as you split past at 120kph+ because they didn't expect anyone to be so stupid to put themselves in such a situation.

    Don't ruin someone elses day by involving them in your accident. That's just pure selfishness.
  7. :WStupid:
  8. FOR SALE:
    1 x liver
    1 x heart
    2 x lungs
    2 x kidneys
    2 x eyes

    All barely used, in good condition, will split - FREE to a good home.
    :? :eek:
  9. i'm a believer in this concept.

    however in my view my tally of points actually goes up when:

    - I do not let in 4wds or taxis who try to force their way into my lane
    - beat any moron off the mark at lights who wants to race
    - politely explain to people to really look and double check when they miss me in their blind spot
  10. lungs are good too!! :grin: (EDIT: just noticed you did type lungs ](*,) )

    OK, this thread went slightly in the wrong direction. What i was meaning to ask people was what do you do on the road that you have noticed yourself doing that you would call either good or bad karma points??

    evelknievel75 has the idea... how politely do you tell people they missed the blind spot with you in it?? i know i got nuts...
  11. I wouldn't call this being 'in the zone' at all - just the opposite in fact. In the zone ususally refers to the psychologically recognised and defined state of 'peak flow'. This is where someone is completely mindful of only the task at hand, 100% focussed on the job, to the extent where every muscle movement and reflex seems natural, flowing and effortless. It's not about the destination at all, purely about the process. It's more to do with a calm, clear "empty" frame of mind than of negative emotions, or even of overly joyful ones. The chemicals and hormones released by anger, stress, frustration, shittiness would impede those thought processes.
    Sorry dude, officially speaking you weren't 'in the zone', just shitty.

    Please don't come ANYWHERE near me or my loved ones on the roads be it in my cage or on the bike. But good luck to you regardless, you're going to need it at this rate.
  12. A prime example of someone in the 18-25 age bracket who has the belief that he is invincible.

    Newsflash...you're not.

  13. :WStupid:
  14. There is no such thing as karma.

    The universe does not keep track of your riding and figure out positive and negatives between road-rules, legal technicalities, good manners, road etiquette, and whether or not you squashed that spider this morning.

    "Karma" is touted by people who have been wronged but realise our worldly justice system is useless to them in that particular instance, but don't want to get worked up over it.
    "Karma" is also touted by people who do good, but can't get past the idea that good deeds very often go completely unrewarded... indeed, bad shit happens to good people all the time.
  15. Not going to preach about your riding attitude in this post .. :soapbox:
    You may have been 'in the zone' for the TRACK, but I dare say riding in traffic requires you to be more 'zoned-in' on the traffic around you and ride to the conditions to avoid becoming a statistic.
    As Rouges stated, sooner or later, someone will wanna COLLECT on your Negative karma Points.
    If You feel 'frustrated' with the pace of traffic, take a deep breath, relax your pace, then use the time to play 'guess what that cagers gonna be doing'. It can be quite amusing, will get your head where it should be, and before You know it you'd have reached your destination a little later, but without incident. We are ALL not perfect, our intention is NOT to BAG you, these replies offer CONSTRUCTIVE criticism that may help a fellow rider STAY a rider.
    That's what THIS site is all about. ( for me anyway )

    Enjoy mate .. & Ride Safe :)
  16. Excellent post, VCM: other posts in the thread may seem harsh, but the intention is to keep you alive, brownyy.

    Leaving aside the high-risk, low-percentage riding strategies (remember, splitting at 120 your relative speed to the cars is low, but if it all goes pear-shaped your relative speed to the road is high - then just when you stop there are still fast-moving cars to nail you)...

    On the concept of karma, basically the Golden Rule applies: do to others what you would want them to do to you. Give them space, respect their space, don't cut them off, don't scare them with close calls, etc. There might not be a cosmic record, but you've still increased the sum of goodwill in the world, which can't hurt.
  17. cheers all for the advice/concerns but the thread took a different path then expected. i was wondering on peoples thoughts about how they ride and what they see is positive and negative karma points with respect to other road users and all that. but this thread has run away, kinda know how peaches feels now! :)
  18. So who is gonna be the first to blame the OP for our outrageous insurance premiums and rego costs?????

  19. Can't resist the opportunity Scotty...

  20. Karma's got nothing to do with it, it's pure chance and choice. I say ride however you like, as long as you're mindful of the possible consequences. Personally I save my speeding for when I'm well out of town and there's no houses and minimal traffic. Speeding on a freeway seems pointless to me.