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Rider && IT?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. As a casual observation.....

    It is startling how many of our riding Brethren and Sisterhood work in IT in one form or another.....

    What is the commonality?
    Is it the technicality involved?
    The precision?
    The (if you make a mistake I'll have your balls) attitude?

    -OR- Am I a crackpot and the only one who has observed this trend?
  2. This was brought up on another forum I'm on....I think it has a lot to do with the associated cost's of motorcycle's and the excess disposable income of all the gen Y IT guru's who still live with their parent's :bolt:
  3. ^ Hmmmm maybe - although I have not lived with parents for a long time now......

    Still - at least I'm not the only one who has made this observation in isolation
  4. I think us IT guys/gals need to sometimes get back to basics. Well thats my story. Even with ABS,FI it's a basic machine and a sense of freedom that you dont get behind a 23: LCD screen and QWERTY board.
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  5. I think its more that a lot of motorbike people on a forum would be some what computer literate :p
  6. @Quivorir - take your sig for instance....

    10 types of people.......
    NOW - this is, of course, 2 for those versed in Binary.......for the ye'olde' common folk - this is TEN and makes no sense......So you too are an IT rider.....
  7. You know if it was not for Netrider I might not even be on a bike today. It put me over the edge to jumping on and never looking back.
  8. One thing I've noticed about riders, there's alot named 'Stu'
  9. Well I was a rider long before I was an IT-er, but it stands to reason that riders who aren't so involved with computers are less likely to be on an internet forum, than those who are....
  10. Hmmm...I'm no sure the in IT == uses a forum argument holds much water....

    Look at all the Morons on FaceBook....I am in IT and I have never even used FaceBook - I don't think this is a sufficient explanation...
  11. i think it just seems there are more IT folk as they have the opportunity to sit on their arse in front of a computer replying to threads all day while the rest of us are out doing real work.

    commence abusive replies................................now
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  12. Hahahahahaha love it!

    Now don your flame-proof jacket Mickey-Boy :D
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  13. It's a fair cop - I can cruise NetRider all day, posting outrageous amounts of crap, and it still looks like I'm working as long as I'm typing!
  14. AND 3-4 screens does help somewhat :demon:
  15. Yep, that too - 2 for my desktop, and one on the lappy...
  16. i was going to make some comment about being flame retardant but that is just giving you ammunition
  17. I will see your screens with 1 Desktop PC 2 notebooks 1 MacBook Pro. 2 Iphones 1 Windows phone and thats just at home ](*,)
  18. how do you not have a brain explosion? i get the shits with one laptop
  19. Motorcycling is getting nerdy have you seen those articles about how the big bang engine works....
  20. I noticed this trend at my current work where most of my IT colleagues ride.
    Only two of us every day riders though.