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Rider Insurance Overseas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lucius, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hey Guys,

    My partner and i are planning a trip to Thailand later in the year, and i am really keen on riding around the country and taking in the sites on two wheels (mostly in Phuket).

    However in looking into what is covered when you rent a motorcycle in Thailand i have found that there is no cover past a simple third party cover (i.e. insurance for injury to third parties only, no cover of vehicles, property etc...).

    I have also been browsing travel insurance policies, and im having a hard time finding one that will cover me for anything more than excess costs on insurance for a car (no motorcycle cover at all).

    Im sure someone here must have looked into insuring themselves while they were riding overseas - if anyone has any useful info or links it would be greatly appreciated.


  2. When bikes are only worth about $1,500 brand new (and rentals are worth a lot less than that) comprehensive insurance isn't something worth bothering with. Of course I'm assuming you were just planning on renting a small step-thru like the locals ride - if you were considering something bigger that's different (though with the standard of emergency medical response of countries like Thailand I certainly wouldn't recommend trying to ride fast).

    Some travel insurance do specifically cover motorcycles if you have a motorcycle licence - not sure which company I used last time I rented a bike in Asia though.
  3. You will need to visit a travel agent and get a policy that has that specific cover.
  4. QBE offer travel insurance that specifically covers motorcycles - my wife and I took out insurance through them when we went on our honeymoon last October. You'll find that most insurance policies offered through travel agents won't cover motorcycles at all, so your best bet is to go though online insurers.

    Having said that I would be somewhat cautious about riding in Thailand... the motorcycle accident statistics over there are pretty shocking, particularly in the tourist areas like Phuket and Koh Samui. What ever you end up doing make sure you have a decent level of injury cover (in the hopefully unlikely event you wind up in one of the international hospitals!)
  5. Just have to remember that the road rules over there are like the rules of the sea - the larger vehicle ALWAYS has right of way.
    A car/truck giving way to a motorcycle is as likely as a Japanese whaling ship swerving to avoid a Greenpeace dinghy.
  6. Just left Phuket 2 days ago. It's not really worth getting anything bigger than an automatic scooter or a semi auto one. There wasn't anything close to resembling insurance from what I could find.

    Roads there are pretty shocking (i.e. toilet bowl sized potholes midcorner, dirt and sand everywhere, manholes that stick out like curbs, crazy tuk tuk drivers) so it opted to get something small and slow so I dont go stupid.

    In saying that though, it is nice to ride around there. Beautiful scenery. If you do want bigger bikes, Patong beach area has heaps of them for rent.
  7. Thanks for all the help..... :)

    Yeah im not after anything to special - its not a riding holiday just wanted some freedom while i was there is all. I have my P's and I realise that the bikes aren't really worth that much but i still wouldn't like to pay for something expensive if i were to run it down.

    Not really looking for comprehensive insurance, just something similar to our third party property.

    Travel insurance is a given especially considering that it is relatively inexpensive with large benefits should something go wrong.

    Thanks, i will check out QBE.
  8. Oh.. and if you want any sort of decent helmet, you might wanna think about bringing your own. The epitome of helmet technology there seems to be a "bob the builder" helmet. Dragonflies hitting your face isnt particularly nice :)
  9. I bought travel insurance that included bike insurance, even the excess for our trip in South America. We're currently making a claim on it, so will let you how it goes.

    I got the insurance through Latitude Travel in Coogee and as others have mentioned, it is QBE.

    Definitely worth considering for Thailand. In Phuket you can rent 1000cc sports bikes and from what I hear they don't have insurance, so it's a case of "you break it you pay for it!"
  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned above, but as an aside to Motorbike Insurance whilst overseas, pay particular attention to the local bike hire regulations.
    Most hire companies I came across (5yrs ago, whilst on holiday in Koh Samui) required your Passport as form of ID in order to hire one of their bikes.
    DO NOT get suckered into this !!!! During your typical 3 day hire, and with your passport in their possession, they could forge a copy, have access to your personal information, or worse off, LOSE IT, 'accidentally' or otherwise.
    The inconvenience caused to you then will be out of this world !

    Best suggestion ?

    Have a readily available photocopy of info (pic) page of your Passport. This will suffice and will help in avoiding the above.
    Together with friends, we hired 700-800cc Cruisers, which were a lot of fun !
    Hiring the typical local bike, which lots seem to do in a way is more dangerous. Think the reduced tyre area in contact with terra firma during a turn... reduced normally, compared to upright riding, right ? Yes.
    So then, riding a bike with a thinner rear tyre, as compared to say a cruiser can be more tricky/dangerous as the roads in Koh Samui were (possibly still are?) as mentioned above, quite attrocious, with LOTS OF SAND, DIRT.... be careful, but enjoy !