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Rider injured on Monash freeway due to not lane-splitting

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], May 14, 2008.

  1. EDIT: Updated with correct information.

    Saw it on the TV just now. A rider was rammed from behind this morning on the Monash, and injured as he was crushed between the car that rammed him and the car in front.

    This is precisely why I will always lane-split in slow moving heavy traffic. If any police officer wants to fine me, good luck. They'll cop a good ear bashing from me and absolutely no remorse on my part.

    I will look after my own safety in my own manner that I deem suitable, and any politician or police officer can jam their retarded rules where the sun don't shine.

    Makes a freaking mockery of all these lane-splitting blitzes. Saving lives they reckon? Yeah, right. It's not about safety. It's about making money in locations where nobody was able to speed.

    I am so angry.
  2. Re: Rider killed on Monash freeway due to not lane-splitting

    Ok, NOT that I wish to "cash in" on this, but NOW is time to organise that press release!
  3. This is awful.

    Are the details confirmed? As soon as they are, I suggest a letter writing campaign to the Hun and Age about how riders are being fined for splitting and being killed for not splitting.
  4. Re: Rider killed on Monash freeway due to not lane-splitting

    Time for a kick in the ass to change legislation introducing the ability for motorcyclists to manoeuvre in static traffic ensuring our safety.
    I bet this will not be covered in such light by the media! :evil:
  5. This is exactly the sort of catalyst needed to present our cause as I mentioned in the other thread. We need our rider groups (MRA(Vic) etc) to issue a press release right now on this topic and get it in the news. That it needs to come to this sort of thing is awful.
  6. But the press release needs to make only a couple of points:

    1. The current police blitz on lane splitting
    2. The rider wasn't lane splitting

    Let the reader draw the conclusion.
  7. Still scanning the online papers for a report. It was on the "Sunrise" national news bulletin on Channel 7, at 8:30am this morning.
  8. Thanks Flux. I only want to make sure the details are confirmed before pen is put to paper.
  9. May not have made the hard copy news, I'd look online. (Apologies if youy have already)....
  10. May I suggest a 3rd?
    That if the rider had the "option" of splitting he / she may possibly not have been in that situation to begin with.
    I know you have said let the reader draw the conclusion, but I think you are giving them too much credit for knowledge and / or common sense.
    (sorry to disagree..)
  11. This is precisely the sort of rider down thread (i.e. pure speculation) that is generally removed straight away, however, because of the relevance to the recent conversations about blitzes and the like I'll leave it for now...can't guarantee all mods will though.


    At the risk of being lynched here, I'd just like to point out one thing. If the facts are actually as presented in the OP, then no, the rider wasn't killed because he or she wasn't lane splitting, the rider was killed because they were hit by a car.

    Whether lane splitting or not, they may have been killed or injured in the situation (i.e. if they were splitting past just as the person locked up and swerved? Who knows, pure and pointless speculation).

    Butz. :beer:

    P.S. Yes, I split on the freeway when the traffic is below a certain speed...and yes the blitz bugs me, but that's irrelevant!
  12. Re: Rider killed on Monash freeway due to not lane-splitting

    Agreed, and this is why we need to do it ourselves. You've phrased the issue beautifully there, PP.
    And so has cejay:
    Now this f#$%ing campaign by the police has cost a life. And not for the first time IIRC. They'll do their best to make it look like the victim's fault just for being there, but it's the fault of the senior police who ordered this blitz. Don't let the f$%^ers get away with it! :evil:
  13. Have a look at how many injuries there are from incidents of 'same direction' accidents which includes being hit from behind.
    http://snurl.com/28qmw [www_tacsafety_com_au]

    Same direction crashes include crashes where vehicles are changing lanes, rear end crashes, and side swipes.

    Crash type Killed (2007)
    Serious injury (2005)
    Minor injury (2005)

    Adjacent direction (intersection)

    Head on (not overtaking)



    Opposing direction (intersection)

    Same direction

    Single vehicle

  14. No argument, and you are correct, we should not speculate on what happened to this poor individual.
    It does however serve as a (tragic) example of the point that we have been making.
    (i) The safest place for anyone is away from the traffic, eg: the front.
    (ii) The best way to get there is splitting / filtering.
    (iii) The plod have been a little "overzealous" in policing what (in itself) is not an offence.

    I am not commenting on what happened here, and I would suggest that no more "comments" or speculation be made, until the facts are known!
    That will take (at a minimum) a few hours while the Accident Investigation boys do thier job.
    However, unfortunately, a tradgedy is often the best way to highlight a point, and if we don't get on the front foot NOW you can bet Vicpol, the Govt etc, will use this as another example of "dangerous riding" or the like.
  15. this is very very sad news.....the government/police should be ashamed of themselves for the policies they employ.
  16. I am allowing this thread only because it is based on the whole lane splitting issue rather than speculation and condolence posts.
    Any speculation or condolence posts will be removed.

    Besides I saw the aftermath this morning.
    the current roadworks are not conducive to good traffic conditions.
    I wish they would also limit the trucks to the 2 left lanes!
  17. I agree with Tramp - the responsible authorities will never admit their policy might be flawed. The issue here is that the police are currently on a mission to try and force motorcyclists and scooters to behave as if they are in cars.
    The reality is that, like cyclists, we are vulnerable road users. As such, we need to use different strategies than car drivers to ensure our safety. The police are currently trying to stop us from doing so.
    That doesn't necessarily mean the cops shouldn't ping a rider for a genuinely stupid move, but it does mean they ought not go around slapping a penalty on everyone who doesn't want to just sit lined up like a sheep to the slaughter.
  18. Speaking as another General Discussion mod I too think it's worth not killing this thread as it specifically relates to the discussion that's been underway about the lane splitting blitz, so I'm not going to zap it.

    Can't speak for the other mods either of course.

    It might possibly be better however to start a new thread in another forum relating to possible protest rides, using this information as a catalyst.
  19. I’m trying to find a news story about this – is there an AAP report/ newsbite on it? I’ve tried Factiva and I can’t find anything.

    Also, cejay do you work in PR?
  20. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=53058
    This thread (Blitz on Calder Freeway) seems to be getting legs.