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rider in need of a track day in Melb

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by GForce, May 4, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Im 29 and dont smoke and would say im friendly and out going. Ive recently moved to melbourne from adel and recently got myself a honda cbr. I would love to go to a track day here in melb on a nice dry day but I do not have a car to tow the bike.
    I am willing to pay someone is willing to take me and my bike.
    Which track? I am not fussed because never been on a track here in melb.

    Im on the west side if that makes a difference.

  2. should of said your a sheila. You'd have offers out the ear then.
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  3. You can always ride to the track.... Just don't bin it or you'll be hitch hiking home. :)
  4. +1 to MV. Track days are less restrictive on requirements than racing and in amateur racing I have known people to ride to a track, remove indicators, lights, number plate etc, race for a day then put the whole lot back on and ride home.

    Is the bike road registered?
  5. I'd definitely suggest trailering to the track, after a day you will be 'rooted' and the ride home will not be fun compared to the speeds you have just done.

    Keep an eye on this race topic guys are always posting the next track day. I'll offer assistance if we happen to be attending the same one.

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  6. thanks guys, ill def have a look out for future track day events. hopefully one when its not raining.
  7. riding in the wet on the track is half the fun isn't it? ;)

    there's a ride day at phillip island on the friday before the hartwell meeting on the saturday and sunday (2/3 june) you might find someone local heading out there that has room in their van, truck or trailer.
  8. come to pmcc school this weekend!
  9. The Friday before Hartwell weekend is a PI practice day not a ride day so anyone interested in attending will require a MA race licence, comply with 95db noise test and have a race number displayed on the bike.

    Maybe not be for everyone, but it's a cheaper option than a normal track day for those with the requirements.
  10. Hey Gilesy,
    what number are you gunna use? :-k

    Dave :grin:
  11. Got 70 on mate. Nothing special about it, just didn't seem to be overly used. To many 76's at Broadford during the Pirelli.

    Sorry mate was in a meeting today when you called. I'll be around tomorrow.
  12. aah my bad.. cheers for clarifying Gilesy. Not sure what ride days normally cost at Phillip Island - the practice day is $145 early bird.
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  13. No worries at all. PI ride days are usually $269, although the next 2, Monday and tuesday next week they have lowered the price to $229.

    I remember when they were $199 and I'm sure a few more on here can remember when they were even cheaper. I'm interested to see if there will be a price increase after December this year when the resurfacing is to take place... Just have to wait and see.
  14. i realise that not many people have room or time for another stranger. most likely ill hire a trailer and a car and post it up on here to see if anyone needs a lift.
  15. Throw it out there mate and see what happens. When I drive out of the driveway I have one spare spot on my trailer......
  16. Hi Malcom

    I think there area alot of people out there in our situation. I would definatly hire a trailer/share petrol etc if you were on the east side of Melbourne.

    Maybe you can rename this thread or make another thread which links people up for track days. I think over time it would help people greatly.

    Its always good to have someone else there to help load bikes.

    I hope to see you there on Sunday.

    What bike are you on?
  17. Hey Mick,
    I hope you crack 1:10 :bolt:

  18. Thank Jap
    Little steps at a time.
    Hoping that riding in the blue group the faster riders will drag me along. The other week I did the last 3 sessions in the blue group and it was the best thing that could have happened. Ill keep you posted:D
  19. i recently got myself a 09 cbr1000rr. Previously on my zx636r.
    Everytime i get a bike, i gotta take it to the track coz its the only place where i can learn how to ride the bike. It has saved my life a few times on the road.
  20. GForce did you get to the track??
    It was a great day.
    Yes Jap I believe I broke into the 1.10s maybe for a few laps.
    My dodgy phone app said I did and I had someone lap time me on the side of the track he said I did a couple of 1.11s at the start of session (then he had to go gear up for his session) but a few laps toward the end I really was carrying alot more coner speed.
    Lap timer is on the shopping list.
    Next time out Id love to do consistant 1.10s not just 2 great laps.