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Rider in a cage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OzYoda, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. This morning my wife had stopped to give way when turning onto a major road. There are traffic lights there but its a "turn left anytime with care" one. A cage came around the curve of the left turn lane and hit her. She had nowhere to go .. had to wait for the traffic.

    She's bruised but fine with a couple of days off work.

    The driver acted well: stopped, gave details and was very apologetic.

    My wide's scoot at first look appeared to have only cosmetic damage but it handles like crap. A better look at home shows there is something seriously out of alignment with the rear wheel noticably to one side of the mudflap/rear light assembly. Its insured though. On the plus side I might be able to convince her to ride a bike instead :wink:

    Just a message to everyone .. the cager is a rider too. Please dont act like a cager just because you are in a cage. Think like a rider always and watch out for other riders.

  2. So no change there then :rofl:

    Tell Sal that I hope she feels fine, and she has to get back riding so we can do the next lunch ride....
  3. Oh dear!!.. that' no good Chris!!... :-s

    Glad that Sally is OK and I hope it doesn't put her off riding [-X

    ..If you need any assistance with persuading her to ride a bike instead... you know where we are!!... :D
  4. Scott, Jules,

    thanks. She's fine and was going to do that HART course .. has had to delay that now though. She could use their scoot but those are considerably smaller so its not preferable.

    Have to wait for the quote to come through next week and take it from there.

  5. Glad she's ok mate!

    Serves as a good reminder for us all.
  6. Man, she's one very lucky woman!

    Glad she's okay, and driver stopped and didn't act like an arse about it.

    Keep us updated :)
  7. Holly & tc,

    thanks, yep. The driver/rider also called to check that the missus is doing OK. If you've gotta get wiped out then this is the sort of person you want it to be .. errr umm, you know what I mean.

    Kinda hopin the scoot is a write off now ... she's feelin positive towards converting to a bike !
  8. I'm trying to visualise the scene here....

    she was stopped but allowed to go under the 'turn any time....' rule

    the car came, where? round her from behind, or along the road into which she was turning?

    either way, any accident is annoying at best and expensive to boot

    hope she and the bike are fixed and well real soon :)
  9. I'm having trouble picturing this.
    OzYoda time to break out ms paint and make a picture :p

    Hope she heals up soon.
  10. Picture it

    - T intersection with major road straight through
    - Left lane from minor road splits off and curves to the left to join major road. Left and right lane continue on to traffic lights for a right turn into major road. Left turn curving lane has to give way to major road traffic (dotted line). Limited visibility due to angle and curve of minor road
    - Wife is riding on minor road, turning left onto major road
    - Traffic on major road gives no opportunity to turn so wife has to stop, per give way dotted line (& to not get wiped out by faster traffic)
    - When she stopped car comes up behind and hits her. She didnt get pushed far so the car was trying to stop but just couldnt. When I got there to help I noticed a pile of broken glass, indicators and reflectors from prior accidents on the footpath. To move she would have to try to move (illegally & much more dangerously) into the traffic on the major road. She would be much worse off if she had done that. There wasnt so much as a driveway she could have gone up.
  11. ah, understand, hit from behind........ staying is dangerous, going, more so.....
  12. I learned to ride on a ,ahem, Vespa 150,I then moved on to a Suzuki gsx250.
    The stability,acceleration and brakes on a 'real' bike were confidence inspiring to say the least.
    Nostalgic as the scooter makes me feel,I would never ride another.
    I hope she makes it painlessly back into the saddle.
  13. sorry to hear Chris but glad to know she's ok
  14. She's sorer today but still fine.

    The scoot is a Bug Hawk. 250cc, front and rear disk brakes. Only prob about that is with small scoot wheels the disks make checking tyre pressure a bit of a challenge.
  15. Haha thats what I was thinking :p
  16. Glad she has gotten out of it without any major injuries, it is a timely reminder to those of us that ride and drive, taking out a fellow rider would have to be our worst nightmare on the road
  17. Hope she heals up soon mate.
    All the best,

  18. Sorry to hear about this Chris. Hope Sally recovers quickly.
  19. .... Is Sally feeling any better Chris? Any more thoughts on whether she will continue to ride?
  20. I'm glad to hear she's ok.

    You do seem to be a bit more invisible on a scooter than you do on even a very quiet real bike.

    One of my enduring nightmares during the 23 years I spent driving cabs, was that I would have a collision with a bike, and that I would be in the wrong because I didn't see him. Or her. It never happened, but I had a couple of nasty frights.