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Rider Identification

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Petesul, Oct 26, 2015.

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    As I ride on my own quite a bit, I recently purchased a wristband with some vital details on it, so that, if needed, vital information can be obtained from family members, which might make a difference. If you ride alone, or want peace of mind, check out www.mysportid.com.au
    My printed wristband band cost just over $40, including postage. Worth a look.
    image. image.
    NB I don't have any financial interest in this product nor do I benefit from posting this info.

  2. If I'm lost this is where my owner lives :), I was actually just thinking about buying a PLB, its like an epirp, you set it off and a nice helicopter comes and gets you. I guess that's hard if your unconscious though.

    Like this RescueME PLB from Ocean Signals
  3. Hmm...
    Sounds a better option than what my wife suggested..... She wanted to take me to a vet and have a micro-chip installed.
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  4. So does the Government,alfoyal hats anyone
  5. I normally ride with stripped down wallet - credit card, Medicare and private health cards, DL, and some cash. Plus the phone. I figure even the dumbest rescuer will be able to figure it out from that lot....
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  6. Either that or do a runner with your wallet
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  7. I'm not in South Africa any more.... that would have been a real issue.
  8. Anyone trying to do a runner on the strength of my wallet won't get very far. :-|
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  9. If police can't find anything identifying you in your wallet then they'd normally interrogate the phone next.
    Just ensure that you have the owners details completed, or home number listed and it should be fine.
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  10. All you need is your driver's/rider's licence which you should have whenever you are riding.
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  11. I Keep a little business card size thing I hand wrote in my wallet, in my phone case and in the unlocked glove box (yeah, I know...) of my moto. Has the mrs numbers, blood type etc.

    Also have the SPOT for solo quiet backroad rides, moto, pushie or mt bike.

    Hopefully will never need it.
  12. Looks like a few of us are doing similar things. My phone will not be of use as it locks like most do.
  13. ICE apps can be configured to "sit" before the phone lock screen.

    But it becomes a pain because you have to get past the ICE to unlock the screen i.e. an extra step to access your phone.

    And there's no guarantee the phone doesn't get smashed...
  14. Unsure about Androids 'cos I've never had one, but iPhones have a little 'Emergency' menu at the bottom left of the Lock screen:
    Which when tapped, gives you access to make emergency calls (i.e. "000"):
    If you tap the 'Medical ID' menu, you get a list of user-defined details (any listed contacts here are able to be called without having to unlock the phone):

    These are set in the 'Health' app on the phone:
    IMG_2965.JPG IMG_2963.PNG
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  15. can you text that to me Murph? I'd rather use your health info than mine!
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  16. Cool stuff Murf!
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  17. Thanks Murph289, following a Facebook post I have now set mine up, just as you mentioned. Easy as.

    Another iPhone thing I do with the Mrs is set up our Find My Friends apps to display my location on my wife's phone without any other intervention on my part. Saves hassle for both of us if I get caught somewhere - don't have to stop and ring or text to explain. if my location is stopped moving for more than 30 mins (remote roads, ex girlfriends houses etc) my Mrs knows that something is wrong ;)

    Can be turned off from my end.