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Rider identification *pic*

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Polowski, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Can anyone tell me who the guy wearing the suzuki shirt is in this photo? He was sponsored by my old company (no prizes for which one that was :LOL: ) and came to visit a couple of years ago but i wasn't into racing or bikes at all for that matter and I didnt take much notice :eek:
  2. I am almost sure that your man is Andrew Stroud, from NZ.
  3. thanks - I believe you are correct - as the NZ branch was sponsoring him. With that info I was able to find this:
    so you are indeed correct!

    I'd have enjoyed asking him some questions about riding if it was when i had my license.. but on the day i just shook his hand and went back to work.. doh!
  4. He is a perfect Gent. You could phone him now, and he would remember you, probably. He can be contacted via the "Britten" museum in Christchurch.
  5. Definitely looks like Andrew Stroud and in 2006 he was part sponsored by Brother (on shirt)

    And as others have said he is a genuine top notch guy.

  6. here is your man, on a lovely bike. Such a pity....
    note- not my photo.
  7. Yes, MVRog is correct. The gentleman in the photo is Andrew Stroud of N.Z.

  8. Good shot though, joel. That is the Roberto Crepaldi Britten, which is in his personal museum in Italy.
  9. yeah, i would love to see/hear of it doing the rounds though. He just couldnt do it anymore, after losing his friend. that's why it's a pity.
  10. thanks folks :D you can almost see my lack of interest in the photo ( i am 2nd from the left)
  11. Joel, at the "Sound of Thunder" race meeting, at Christchurch each February, there is generally a Britten doing laps. Worth the airfare. Come with me next Feb. Trying to talk Loz into coming too.