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Rider..I is one

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by vodka, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone. I have joined. Been riding for a few years,started late. But now I see the healthy addiction that 2 wheels give.
    \ I live in Adelaide , travel by bike interstate at least twice per year. Almost never drive a car...boring .

    I am planning an eight day aimless ride thru the SE Great Dividing Range after the Snowy Run in early November. No pre bookings, bunk in good ol' country pubs; just trying to find good roads without much traffic in the middle of a November week.

    Current ride an R1200R.. simply I cant walk past the thing without wanting to ride it..

  2. You really sound like a true motorcyclist mate, glad to have you here. It's rare I post in welcome lounge threads from interstate thread starters.
  3. Ta , my old BM friends(Before Motorcycle) think I'm a little weird. My other AM mates email,text call regularly..go figure.

    I have realized the true philosophy of bike riding. Very few activities reward the insightful so much and punish the insightless so severely.

    The trouble is so many young males havent got "it" yet and get into trouble. I think that the older riders can offer so much to those at risk.
  4. amazing how age seems to provide a benefit of wisdom, well sometimes i think I'm a kid but wake up soon enough!
    Welcome to NR, and smile as we all do :) [very easily]
  5. Hello Vodka, nice to have you. That's a beaut handle, by the way. Love it.

    The old blokes answered questions for me, sometimes without my even asking them. Some of their information and folklore was good, some wasn't, but the least we can do now is try and pass it on.

    There is one unfortunate paradox about it. The ones who most need to be told, won't listen anyway, and the ones who come asking questions would generally figure it out correctly for themselves.
  6. Welcome to NR.