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Rider head on by car Adelaide hills

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Red Dragon, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. I came across an accident only minutes after a rider
    got hit head on by car on wrong side of road,
    stopped to see if help needed and if I recognised rider,(didnt),,,
    he was thrown about 20 metres down a fire track and was on his back when i got there not moving,a lady living up the road came down, she had some medical knowledge(didnt ask)and was checking him out without moving him,then ambos arrived,and took over,he had a broken arm above the wrist and what seemed a dislocated shoulder,they cut his leather jacket off and stabalised his arm,then cut his leather pants off him,which,looked like they saved him from a hell of a lot worse injuries to his legs cos the knee pads looked like they took an hammering and were full of big scuffs and lots of dirt and gravel were still present,looked in lots of pain,but very lucky he was well padded up,and will recover,
    A young couple following the car witnessed it from behind,
    they said the car driver was driving "american style"was his words
    totally on the wrong side all the way from quite a few bends back.
    It happened at the top of Grand Junction Rd,few bends before the top,
    bike heading up the hill on a left hander,hit the car about a foot inside from the right edge of the car,the bike was a complete mess,in the bushes against a tree,the Torana looked like it had hit a tree,car driver was young dude,

  2. That really sucks, car on the wrong side of the road, someone should belt the little fcuker to within an inch of his life to teach the prick to stay in his lane.
    It does happen fairly regularly in the hills I dont know how many times I have come around a corner and an on coming car is half in my lane, it certainly gets the heart racing.
    Glad the rider was wearing safety gear and will be ok though.
  3. Well after I drove off up the road,a few bends on, a car was on my side of the road,DID I GIVE HIM SHIT :twisted:
  4. Its scary stuff thats for sure.
  5. crap - we live right near there & ride up there all the time (thrlough Houghton to Chain of Ponds)

    glad I didn't go out yesterday!
  6. FFS!!! Next time i hope instead of causing an accident with a motorcyclist he goes head on with a semi-trailer! That'll teach him
  7. Damn. And what can the driver be charged with?...Failing to keep left?... as there isn't a charge for stupidity.

    --rant on---
    On my rides over the last 3 months, I've actually found the drivers in the Adelaide Hills much better than those I encountered in the Victoria Alps. In the Adelaide Hills, I rarely seen a vehicle on the wrong side of the road, and had quite a number pull over to the left, giving me room to overtake. In the Alps, the 4x4s were the worst offenders, and the sedans were generally well behaved. There were numerous times sedans pulled over and let our group of bikes through, but only one 4x4 did this. On the straight sections with a drop on the left, the driver, instead of slowing down and keeping left, drove with their wheels well over the doubles. When it came to RH corners, then they were cutting them, trying to keep their road speed up, leaving very little room even for bikes. I was following one 4x4 down Mt Buffalo who, on LH corners, was going wide on the entry (crossing doubles) and then again crossing doubles on the exit. It created the problem, that even when there was no doubles, it was unsafe to overtake, as the vehicle was on the wrong side of the road. The problem is, IMHO, that when they purchase this type of vehicle, they don't know and noone tells them that they are slower, don't handle as well and are more difficult to drive than the family sedan. However they continue to drive them as such.
    --rant off--
  8. This happened around 7 yesterday evening,was on my way for a long hills ride and was just starting to warm up when I came across this accident,
    I think, on this occasion, he would probably have been worse off ,had he been in a car.
  9. Brother in law got taken out on his VF1000R around that area about 18 months ago. Car was on the wrong side of the road, but didn't stop after it hit him!

    No witnesses - he was out cold for about 20 minutes. Fortunately both him and the bike were off the road. A kind soul in a cage pulled up when he woke up and was wandering around dazed.

    He reckoned it was an orange Torana, but no-one has been found

    The hills ain't what they used to be!
  10. omg im glad the fella on the bike is still alive. stupid drivers in the hills or even on the road makes me angry because it happened to me before. was in the hills and a car decided to take up two lines as i was approaching him. lucky i was sticking to the speed limit otherwise i would have been cleaned up.
  11. Hopefully this clown will be off the road for a while
  12. Yes, I was driving up to Anstey hill, but a copper had blocked off the road
    and I diverted down Perservance (Sketches fav. road that he likes to get
    booked on). I had wondered what happened. Yes, there are a few "habituals"
    that do that in the hills, although I haven't seen them lately. I few years ago, I
    reported a white ute for doing that. I followed him through the chain of ponds,
    and he was on the other lane through each hair pin. I just pulled back waiting
    for a smack up.

  13. This is really shitty news, I hope the rider will recover well. As for the little f**ker in the Torana, he had better hope that karma is kind to him, because it can be a real biatch.
  14. This is very bad news, not much a rider can do in this situation.