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Rider goes airborne after avoiding head-on

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mouth, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Yeah I saw this. Seems like he woulda been ok, considering how bad it coulda been!

    They are all riding like f-wits at the start.
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  2. He got some air alright.... I'd expect a broken bone here n there....

    Wonder if he would get a fine for riding like a tool ?
  3. Maybe this is what they mean about it being hard to transition to road bikes after riding off road bikes?
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  4. wow that was just like Mike
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  5. Looks like he just ran wide and then avoided the car. He also had a gopro on his head. Where is his footage? That would make interesting viewing...
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  6. He was wearing a go pro. I'd like to see that footage!

    Looking at the video, it looks like he swerved from a right turn to the left just before the ute coming the other way (lucky to miss it). I can't figure out why he pulled out like that in the first place.
  7. Huh! The old Honda catchphrase comes to mind - "If you don't own wings, you'll never fly"....:whistle:
  8. Overtaking cars is riding like tools, fcukwits? Ok then.
  9. No, riding wide around a corner (almost middle of the road, if not in the other lane) leaving yourself no room for error was the toolish part..

    He didn't appear to be speeding or overtaking anything at that point (he was between 2 vehicles by himself) ..

    Just poor choice of lane position.
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  10. Nah was more how close together they were riding. No room for error as Jaytee said.
    Not saying he deserved to crash. But you ride that way in a group and eventually something will happen

    I like this guys riding philosophy. It's a great way to explain how to ride safely but still have fun. He puts it into words really well.
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  11. Maybe he had a soft landing in some cowshit
  12. Guy watched "The great escape" one too many times.
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  13. Looks to me like a text book case of target fixation. Pretty hard to tell from a video but it looked like he was doing okay re position, maybe a little wide but okay then as soon as the second vehicle appears it's all over.

    Pretty hard to tell from this video, as above, would be great to see his perspective.