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Rider gets iced by lightning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Manny, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. http://www.wavy.com/Global/story.asp?s=3387272

    State Police say a 43-year old motorcyclist from Virginia Beach was struck and killed by lightning Tuesday afternoon in Southampton County.

    Officials say Richard Moran Jr.was stuck around 4:10pm while traveling westbound on Route 58 near Courtland.

    After the strike, the bike ran off the roadway into the eastbound lane and eventually caught fire.

    The motorcyclist was not struck by another vehicle. Officials say Moran, of the 1400 block of Eddystone Drive, died at the scene from the lightning strike, not the subsequent crash.

  2. ooohh thats nasty. My heart goes out, that's a very unlucky way to go. :(
  3. ouch.

    nasty way to go....not that there is really a good way to go either.
  4. Now this is going to far.

    Not only do we have to deal with road obstacles, now mother nature is having a go.

    This is certainly a bad year for motorcyclists. Completely and utterly sad at this moment
  5. Sad to hear of the riders misfortune. :( But as they say with lightening
    " One flash and you're ash" :shock:
  6. Make sure you watch the video linked on that sight too.

    You get a couple more shots of the bike.

    It looks plenty melted!
  7. Dude,
    Times up man,
    fate has determined that you are moving on,
    Nothing you can do about getting hit by lightening.
    Just hope when you are re-incarnated it is as a bike rider again.

  8. I hate lightning, thunderstorms, big time.

    I was riding home from work. A nasty storm was about on us. I had about 4 km to go. Open roads, etc. so I could move along fairly smartly.

    Heard a huge crack somewhere behind me and saw a flash. I felt something like a pressure wave or a gust of wind. I can only assume that it hit near me.

    Thing is, with this fellow, I wonder if the local authorities counted it as a part of the road toll. Here in Vic, they probably would....
  9. wonder how many bad karma points this poor bugger had racked up

    bad news indeed
  10. I wonder what he died of and actually , when?
  11. that guy ust have done some baaaad sh!t to have that happen to him. guess he wouldn't have known much about it though. damn sad all the same.
  12. Yr before last I was going to Sale and lightning struck about 100m in a paddock to my right.
    I remember a massive white light. I thought I had had a stroke and was about to keel over. Then vision stareted to come back but the bank and pressure wave hit me. Luckily I was near the white line at the time as I only managed to avoid the gravel by inches.
    Scared the bejeezus out of me.
    Then to top it off, it rained so hard I could not see the road on the bridge. All I could see were the two side rails to guide me over so I could pull up.

    Dont want that one again.

    I imagine the downed rider would feel no pain. Vale.