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Rider Get runs over by car

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Guest, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Ditto on the ouch

    Cheers :cool:
  2. That hadda huit!
  3. I'm guessing there was no walking away from that one.
  4. i'd be expecting to much of a driver for them to veer out of the way of a person sliding on the ground in front of them wouldn't i :roll: :evil:
  5. Did you think that maybe if the rider hadn't been going so fast (showing off the the camera?), he wouldnt have lowsided, wouldnt have slid in front of the car, and the driver wouldnt have to swerve to avoid hitting him? :roll:

    1.3 seconds from the time he binned the bike till he got hit, an average persons reaction time is around 1s, so that leaves 3/10th of a second. What could you do with that much time :roll:

    I hate the blame game riders tend to have when a biker is injured, even when it is clearly the riders fault, you'll all blame everyone else and say what all the drivers should have done to avoid it.
    Some people need to learn to stop pointing the finger all the time, and realize we all make mistakes, not just the people who get around on four wheels.
  6. who said anything about blame? you're putting words in my mouth :roll: the driver reacted as best they could, but in what could be seen as a less than perfect way, as far as preserving life is concerned.

    could i of done better? i don't know, though i bet some alert/skilled drivers could of.
  7. The ride was low and coming in from a wide angle where the driver wouldn't have expected it and likely didn't see it.

    And the driver jamming on the brakes as they ran over the rider probably wouldn't have been the best thing in the world to happen.
  8. bugger
    i cant see it bloody work fire wall crap
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
    i hate it
  9. View the comments. Some people amaze me.
  10. yeah but its better to actually see it then just hear about it
  11. That clip is sick, you know we could well of seen a man die.
  12. i cant see...
    did someone die?? or u see someone dies??
    OMG :shock:
  13. What you see is a motorcycle low siding on a freeway entrace ramp and sliding right under a white car which runs right over him.

    My comment is in relation to the comments where the video is posted, there are comments along the lines of "Speeding d1ckhead deserved it", etc.
  14. That looks nasty. Lost the front end. :(
  15. :shock: omg thats is awfull :shock:
    thank's to who ever invented video cameras ,that footage should have saved the car driver from a jail sentence :? my partners mother was hit head on by a bike rider approx 30 yrs ago and she never got over it ,I am pleased to read later in the thread the bike rider was not killed :driver:
  16. (from site linked earlier)
    hilarious! ..and the most stupid theory on something i've heard for awhile. :roll:
  17. .....ouch alright.........