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Rider flips into river after Melbourne Expo

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ariderslife, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Apparently this happend today.

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    Was reading the article earlier, trying to figure out how the rider went off one side of the bridge, and the pillion went off the other, looks like they edited the article, it orginally said

    The video above says that both went over the same wall and a witness jumped in from the other side.
  3. just another hd that couldnt get round a corner without crashing... i'm no expert but are you not supposed to throw the boat anchor in the water while you stay dry? isnt that how its supposed to work?

    anyway top effort from the guy who jumped in after them, could have been a lot worse- imo that guy is a proper hero...(y)
  4. i laughed at that comment
  5. Seat belts would have been good at the time
  6. I'm puzzled as to how that occurred, anyone got any leads?
  7. My guess is target fixation
  8. I have heard highside after leaving the motorcycle expo... allegedly.
  9. He was overwhelmed by the Expo?
  10. The Expo was doing 68 k's in a 60 without a Hi-viz vest on.
    The reason for speeding was in a hurry to get a new front number plate
  11. Better add Mae Wests to the ATGATT list...