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Rider Etiquette

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dirty_j, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. If you are riding down the highway, and you see a fellow rider on the side of the road, do you stop, slow down, pull over, or otherwise see if he needs assistance?

    This poll is anonymus, so be honest! Lets hear about you being stuck on the side of the road, and either watching bikies pass by or find your everloving angel of grace.
  2. I'd stop.
    if they were in a group and others had already stopped, then thats a different story, but if he/she was one out on there own, I'd definately make an effort to stop and see why, and if I could render assistance I would.
  3. for me it's a little bit like hitch hikers........ I travelled over lot of Australia on my thumb as a young bloke and subsequently when I did start driving, I used to stop and pick up most hitch hikers. Now I'm very wary about who I pick up.

    It's the same with motorcyclists, in most cases I will slow down and look for the "I'm OK" wave off, but with others it's just a gut feeling and I don't stop.

    p.s. you need a third option ...

  4. I tried. It didnt do it. I guess you can't edit that bit. Mod?

    But really, if it were YOU stuck on the side of the road, cell phone dead or out of range, is there a sometimes option?
  5. We should all look out for one another. It might be different in big cities but I know out here I'd stop (and do) for everyone I see that may be in trouble. Maybe its because I'm a Firefighter and its in my nature to help or it could jut be that thats what I would like others to do too. You know the "Do unto others etc".
  6. I'm sure I posted this once before but my accelorator cable snapped when I was heading down towards Rod Laver arena about a year ago...I stopped by side of road and did the girly flap thing and a couple of bikes went past, they turned and looked at me and kept on going...

    I'd called racv as didnt know what else to do and was waiting to be towed home - when Koma stopped to help...he'd talked to me for a brief time at the one friday coffee i'd been to and recognised my bike - he told me to canx racv and he called lordtb who picked up a new cable for me in franskton - and took me to southbank to get it fixed...

    I have never been so grateful :grin: :LOL: :grin:

    Still always puts a smile on my face when i think about it....
  7. Yeah, I don't necessarily stop, but always slow a bit and look for the 'okay' wave or the gees i'm farked, i wish some one would stop' look of hopelessness...

    But yeah, in general, if help is needed I would usually stop.
  8. Always stop and ask if they're alright.

    Even did it the other morning on the way to work when I saw a young chap on a new ZZR250 having trouble.
  9. Generally stopping for another biker is ok.
    I’m with Nobby, got to weigh up every situation on how it looks & feels, especially if its miles from nowhere & no phone coverage and you aren’t familiar with that area.
    Mid January me and a mate are planning a big road trip aprox 8000km by cage, we have discussed hitchers/breakdowns/assistance & have come to the decision we will be stopping for those who may need assistance but if we get any weird arse behaviour they will definitely be needing assistance by the time we get back on the road, and here’s a tip – highway rest stops in remote areas are often a playground for indigenous troublemaker types.
  10. I always stop to see if they need help.

    If they appear to be taking a piss or on the phone I use the thumbs up to see if they're ok as I go past rather than disturb them.
  11. I've seen a couple of guys talking on phone, but otherwise looked ok, so I didn't stop :oops: , but I've been in the cage and in the right hand lane and saw a guy pushing his bike, so I cut across 3 lanes and stopped on the shoulder, and helped him get his bike off the freeway. Turns out it was an ECU problem so i couldn't help anyway, but at least he was off the freeway.

  12. I just believe that you have to make a judgement call at the time .. unfortunately the world is no longer a perfect place and riding a motorcycle no longer makes you a member of a fraternity of brothers.

    To most it is simply transport....

    As I said earlier, if it feels right I will stop .....
  13. Yeah ..I would slow down and look for the thumbs up I am ok or the desperate "I need help look". I would hope that others would do the same for me.
  14. As with most things pulling over to help someone is not black and white. It depends on the situation.

    If I see a guy on the side of the road with a Gypsy Jokers jacket, then chances are I'm not going to pull over :)

    But yeah in most circumstances I agree with the slow down wait to see if he/she waves you by or not.
  15. Nah, even those guys would appreciate that you stopped just to check.

    If it was someone on their own i would stop 99% of the time, if theres other there then it depends.

    I do the slow down, then they will usually give the thumbs up saying they're ok, otherwise they wave you over, then you stop.

    Same goes for if you stop in your car to help someone - use a bit of commonsense. Park well out of their way and leave the engine running in neutral - or pull up besides them with engine running and in gear then if it all goes pear shaped you can high tail it outa there, if all good then you can switch off and help.
  16. sorry mate. im just going to flat out disagree with you. then again, i am the kind of guy that believes we ARE a fraternity of brothers (and sisters) and we need to look out for each other. Lord knows, the cagers ain't gonna do it. They are more worried about getting to work before their mocha frappachino gets cold. This is the biggest cultual difference I've had to deal with since coming from the States. I could rant on your choice, but i wont. I'm just going to disagree.

    I'm also blessed with being a big guy who's not put off by the 'dodgy types'. Mate, a motorcyclist is a motorcyclist is a motorcyclist. Nomad, Triad, Gypsy Joker, VVMC, NetRider. No matter. If the guy (girl) is alone on the side of the road, I'm stopping. Chances are, if the guy's wearing a vest, and you stop, they are more grateful and will probably invite you 'round the clubhouse for a beer. Guess what? You just made 20 more friends.
  17. Things would have to look very dodgey for me not to stop for a lone motorcyclist onthe side of a road. Say if they were swinging a chain, or talking to the bushes behind them. I don't usually pick up hitch hikers unless they look safe though.

    However, I drove my 4WD right around Australia by myself and would have happily picked up hitch hikers, but did not see one. It was the hot season I guess, and I wasn't on major roads. I did, however, get asked for a lift by a couple of huge black gentlemen (Aborigines with an ebony tan ) at the water hole out of town near Marble Bar, WA. Saying no might have been a bad idea, but these guys were a couple of softies, although rogues to be sure. They bought along their piccaninny little brother whom they obviously treasured.

    While the world is changed, we can help change it back by helping others in need.
  18. Yeah I stopped on Roe Hwy the other day, a girl on a Ducati Monster was pedalling herself into the shade of an overpass. Don't know that I would've been able to help but luckily just as I did there was a Vmoto van who pulled up and loaded her up the ramp and took her home (see, scooters are good for something :p
  19. I'm with the consensus so far - Yes always have intent to help but will use Thumbs, observation or gut feel as seems appropriate. Biggest gripe i have had is on the eastern not seeing the bikes soon enough on curve and not being able to stop. Makes me feel guilty.
  20. I slow down.
    Raise my thumb to see if there is a like response or not.
    Feel the vibe and go on that.

    Feel the Ki and TCB.