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Rider Etiquette

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. I have been thinking about this for a while now. Every morning as I traverse the Monash Carpark and lane split my way to work, you get cars that move over to make room for you. I have always made it a point to give them a wave, a thankyou. Not a piddly little wrist wave while the hand is on the throttle/clutch, but a genuine gesture to the driver. Sure I slow a tad when they are on my right but not much.

    Anyway, getting on to my point. I have noticed that many riders, nay ALL RIDERS that I have seen when they are in front of me just keep on going and don't say thanks.

    Question - Am I weird for acknowledging the cagers that have given extra space for me to pass or should I be rude and just pass them :?:

    Question - Why don't bike riders acknowledge the considerate cage drivers out there :?:

    Cheers 8)
  2. I acknowledge cage drivers if they are considerate towards me. Why not? They are fellow road users albeit in/on a different mode of transport.
  3. Cage:- what's that, something you read about in 'Easyriders'?
  4. Well,it can depend on the situation man,if they move over to let you past,i give a little thank you wave(left or right hand) :p but if its just a kneejerk reaction when they see you right next to them when your lanesplitting i tend to shake my head as they've just shown themselves to be daydreaming and unaware of their surroundings. :roll: (ie A typical cager)
    When passing other motorsicklists i always give a little wave anyway,or the limpwristed wave as you put it if im goin a bit fast. :LOL: :p
    Just remember,not everyone who rides is a nice ,courteous person! :D
  5. I think if someone makes a particular effort to move over for you..then you should acknowledge it.. they don't HAVE to move for you.. they can just ignore your exsistance. I usually acknowlege a nice cage driver with the lift of my left hand as I go past :D
  6. As part of my learning how to ride a bike and not kill myself approach since I got my learners I bought a few books and DVDs to learn from and one then is called "ride hard, ride smart" by Pat Hahn. In it he says that bikers can do a heap of good for themselves by 'making friends' with a smany people as possible.

    He suggests that we should wave to neighbours and be friendly towards the public in general because the more people we get onside with the biker cause the better and hopefully safer our riding experience will be.

    Actually the guy has a bit of a sense of humour. His 'How to ride at night' chapter goes for one page. It says in really small letters amongst lights and darkness..."Don't ride at night"..... :p
  7. I always wave if they move over, even if it is last minute reaction. At least they didn't close in on me (I've had that happen once or twice).

    I always wave at kids in cars - they'll be driving cars when I'm an older, greyer biker and I want to plant the seeds of "sharing the road" now.

    In the supermarket carpark, I always warn mums with toddlers before I start the bike (it's a bit noisy). This is also a great way to start a conversation with a yummy mummy. Sadly, once you've started the bike they kinda expect you to ride away.
  8. Well guys it depends from person to person. At the signal some drivers are so nice to pop their head out and say hi and have a small talk with u, on fridays u get to be asked to do a wheelie or burn out etc, in during the weekdays(peak hours) when u almost feel that people u have an invisible paint coating on u when u dont get acknowledge or get romm around the traffic. And here comes the best days when a Dic### driver on some so called hot V8 or something like that pulls off to race against u. Making u go think has this world gone so STUPID and u pass them by with a little fliuck of the throttle.
    Oh welcome to MElB TODAY!!! :arrow:
  9. Never thought of that last point Chair, like your style 8) :wink: .

    I like to wave too, pretty much for all the reasons already stated. It's good PR for bikers and shows that we're just people getting from A to B too.

    I love waving to the kids, some look shocked and maybe a bit frightened (big loud bike, dark visor, etc.. I guess) but most have this huge grin and you can see them swing around to the Mum/Dad telling them all about it :D . In Tassie growing up I used to love watchin the Patch clubs go past Mum's Dato on runs, all loud and cool...even Mum would comment oh how cool it was.

    A little consideration (and good manners) goes a long, long way.
  10. Must admit, I'm a waver, I'll even go so far as to acknowledge the drivers who sit at the T intersections and let me past or don't try to jump ahead on roundabouts. It doesn't hurt and next time they have the chance to jump ahead or squeeze in, they might just remember that the last time they were considerate of bikes they were thanked for it. Besides that cager (as you called em) may be me, ya can't ride all the time.
  11. LOL! The thing is,you can always spot your average steel cage driver from your motorsicklist in a cage,courtesy and awareness are 2 words that spring to mind! :D 8)
  12. It all depends on how you want the tin tops to perceive bike riders
    If we are not friendly they will not be friendly
    After all they are stuck we are not

    So some basic manners and the occasional acknowledgement when they leave us a gap cannot hurt and might encourage them to do it again.
    If you are rude why then should they bother next time
  13. Eh,car drivers man,they're pretty much all dipshit morons,i cant handle this anymore,AAARRRRGGHHHH, :evil: Car drivers suck! :evil: Why are you all so keen to be friendly to people who try and kill us on a daily basis? Has anyone been up Mt Highway lately? 80% of cars are doing 50ks while driving with half of their car on the wrong side of the freakin road.Then theres the moron on the Monash who doesnt indicate as he moves to the right hand lane for no reason whatsoever,pull up next to the idiot and he has his finger firmly wedged in his nose! :x He doesnt even stop when im abusing the fool! :evil: Uughh,disgusting bastards. :evil: I hate them,i hate them all i say! :evil:
  14. Someone had their angry pills today didn't they? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    *Group hug * Aaaahh..... :D
  15. LOL! :LOL: I feel much better now! :D Thanks deyago,i needed that mate! :p :LOL:
  16. I always wave to anyone who gives me a fair go on the road, on the bike or in the tin top. I'm teaching my daughter to do the same in her driving lessons. Courtesy cools down possible road rage incidents.
  17. I usually wave if the conditions allow it
    I am loathe to remove my hand off the throttle if I have just passed a moving car along the monash so I give the quick finger wave.
  18. I always wave left handed, even if it means crossing over my body. If I'm using the clutch, I'll nod.

    On the odd occasion when I use the finger, its usually not a wave.
  19. I wave....sometimes I forget they don't ride and stick my leg out when they are on the right hand side of me :oops: :roll: :LOL: . I will also nod in acknowledgement if necessary as you can't always take hands off the handlebars, but I figure that if they see something from me then its better than nothing! Except if I'm giving them the finger, I guess :LOL: :LOL:

    I always wave to kids. I have a 9 year old brother and I know that he loves it when bikes wave to him and his friends REALLY like it!

    As for giving bikers a good name, I know that Friday coffee is not just about a few riders getting together but also includes a lot of PR. The number of times I'm stopped by little old ladies wanting to know what the deal is with the bikes and I think I must surprise them that I'm not a feral hooligan type biker chick :shock: :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :D :D :D
  20. So your telling me your NOT??? :shock: :shock: :LOL: :LOL: