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Rider Etiquette

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dobbo, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. I posted this in the 'Places to vent' section; however, had a positive response so decided to post this here or in the New rider section. (Not directed at New riders specifically though)
    (Mods sorry about the double post)
    I have been riding for quite a while now, and wouldn't say I am a great rider, I am neither young, nor old... just midway. I am no boy racer, nor a dotterer.
    I try to always ride within the boundaries of the law, or as common sense and survival dictates.

    So this is my suggestion: After a weekend ride through the hills, with perfect weather.

    If a bike comes up behind you, and it looks like you may be holding them up; give them a chance to pass. (we complain about car drivers doing this, but it seems to be different if it is a bike )
    I still encourage you to ride safely and within your limits, but please don't accellerate down the straights, to only drop right back in the twisties.
    I understand that there are 'Advisory speed signs' on some corners; however, some bike riders may be able to negotiate these corners quite easily.
    Especially in these times of "Extreme revenue raising tactics", I try to never cross doubles, so when I have been stuck behind a bike rider for quite a few miles then they accellerate to above the state speed limit on the only straight where it may be possible to overtake safely, only to slow down to snail pace once the road bends, pisses alot of riders off .
    As I was told along time ago, "any monkey can go fast down a straight"
    (I am not talking about drag racers or speed record attempts)
    I find that it is a bit hypocritical that we bag car drivers for this behaviour, yet I come across it most weekends. So if some one has been on your rear for the last few turns give them a chance to pass when it is safe to do so, without pushing the speed limit.
    I have found this behaviour to be specific of any rider's age or type of bike; and have found that riders that I'd consider 'experienced' will also do this; perhaps it is a case of 'pride'
    Not trying to offend anyone; just making an observation that I am sure most have come across.
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  2. Yes valid observation, personally if someones tailing me, I pull to the side and let them pass, no issues they want to go faster than me all good.

    Most of the time but not always when the tables are turned, i face the situation of getting stuck behind people, I think its cause i am on a cruiser and they dont want to be overtaken even when i can be faster in the corners at times.

    Sure I could overtake them as I dont deny the bike has power to do so, but to do this safely would mean punching 30-40kms over the limit which i simply refuse to do.

    Depending on the where I either accept it, turn off and use a different road or simply pull over for 10 minutes and have some fun in the twisties and catch up to them again anyway.
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  3. and if you do give someone a chance to pass, either indicate, tap your brakes a few times, wave or stick a leg out so they know you've seen them. overtaking someone that may or may not have seen you is stressful.
  4. If guy comes behind you, shift left kick out right leg,
    if you come behind someone, sit right and leave indicator on (if they really dont notice you)
    if you see cops, finger twirl everyone for the next kay or so
    if someone has gone down, palm facing the ground with hand moving left and right
    if something is dodgey behind you, e.g. gravel, animals, anything that could fcuk a rider up, palm down with hand moving up and down.

    everything else, nod.

    boom, works every time.
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  5. One of my pet peeves... as you stated "any monkey can go fast down a straight" and it's bloody frustrating to be up their arse soon as a hint of a corner presents itself. My observation on this on the Ol' Pac is the majority of riders "guilty" of this practice are cruiser riders who are oblivious of anyone behind them anyway. Sometimes it's easier to stop and wait a while to give 'em a few K's as a buffer rather than frustrate yourself stuck behind them in the twisties.
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  6. Large groups of xxx,on the Putty or back of Wisemans.More than I care over the limit on the straights and using all of the lane and still dragging there undercarriage at slow corner speed.Pretty common.
  7. While crossing doubles (when I think it's safe) doesn't bother me, I know exactly what you mean Dobbo. I'm happy to pull over to the left and let someone through, I just wish others showed me the same courtesy.
  8. Good tip! I shall be mindful of this when I get my next bike, cheers.
  9. Interesting that a couple of guys here mentioned "sticking your leg out, to indicate that it is ok to pass", however, becareful because not all riders understand this. In my circle of riding mates this means there is something that may be a hazard (usually wildlife) on / beside the road.

    I think moving to the left side of the lane, not accelerating, and maybe putting on the left indicator.... seems reasonable.

    I too used to blame cruiser riders for this behaviour; however, I now find it with all genre of bikes.
  10. Sportsbike riders are the worst at this, especially when you pass them on the cruiser and then they decide to blast back past you well over the limit on the next straight because they feel insulted.

  11. Whereas the only common denominator I can find for this sort of behaviour is the attitude of the rider, nothing at all to do with the bike they are riding.
  12. Do you own a cruiser? They don't do it on my Ninja, they only do it when I am on the cruiser. Maybe if you don't have a cruiser you might not have noticed it.
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  13. No, don't own a cruiser, however I've had cruiser riders go like a bat out of hell in a straight line only to slow done to BELOW the advisory speed in the corners.
  14. I was talking about riders who slow you down then when you get past them they suddenly find all this speed.
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    Last edited: Apr 9, 2013
    Aren't we talking about the same thing then? Riders who go as slow as fcuk in the corners, then go like a bat out of hell in a straight line?

    Hold you up, you get passed, they go faster, go past, slow down, you get passed, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past, they go faster, they go past, slow down, you go past etc etc
  16. Sticking your leg out could be relieving a cramp,putting a blinker on usually means your about to turn,just move to the left of the lane and slowly wave your arm to the side,wave them past.Easy to understand with no confusion.Speed on the straights and slow in the corners have happened to me by Harley's to Hiabusas.BMW's to 1098s,its down to the experience of the rider.One classic time was at Spencer past Wisemans,3 blokes left a good 20mins before us.One was riding one of those Red and white Honda specials built especially to win the Castrol 6hr years ago.We didn't even think about catching them but did,the we included a 50 year old woman red P plater in the twisty bits 20 ks down the road.Talk about a mobile chicane,we sat behind them for 30minutes at pathetic pace,to slow even for the P plater with us.And yep at the top of the hill past the bends they took off at well over 110 in the 80 bit.I probably shouldn't have but I ended up past after a bit of a chase.Must control the red mist,should know better but its really frustrating and spoils a good ride.There was dozens of spots to let us pass and it was obviously not going to happen.
  17. Stick your leg out and give a hoof down or little kick forward, it's pretty unambiguous IMO.
  18. Personally, I move to the left, and wave them passed with my right hand (I have a throttle lock).
  19. I think the discussion in this post has already highlighted the basis of the OP, as going fast down the straights then slowing to a snail pace in the corners, annoys many riders that may be stuck behind such a rider.

    I have found many 'Returning Riders' seem to buy 'Cruiser type bikes'.
    After 30 years away from bikes I would almost classify them as New Riders.

    Is this statement fairly common? "I had a bike licence and bike when I was in my early 20's, but family, work and other reasons kept me away from riding; however, I am now cashed-up and can afford that big mother Cruiser I seen down the shop; I am glad I kept my bike licence payments up for all those years".

    I see this situation almost each weekend riding, older dude, nice shiney cruiser, riding at a snails pace (except the straights, where the sheer power is displayed), and shocking riding skills displayed. ;)

    I know this is a 'generalisation'; however, this is just what I have observed. (I am sure no-one here at NR fits this discription)

    What are your thoughts on this????
  20. I'm going to really show how newb I am.

    Given most lanes will accommodate two bikes side by side, how acceptable is it to pass on the right in the same lane on the straights? Especially if there are double lines or heavy traffic in the opposite direction.