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Rider Etiquette

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Charles Ross, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. I am a reletively new rider and I need to brush up on my rider etiquete rulles in terms of who I do and do not nod to.

    I ride a KTM990R so I understand the rules are as follows:
    I nod to all dirt bikes/adventure bikes
    I nod to all road bikes with the exception of scooters and harleys

    So do Harley riders only nod to other harley riders?
    Do scooter riders nod to anyone? posties?
    Is this correct?

    I find it all a bit strange really. I think a nod is common curtesy but it really pisses me off if someone doesn't nod back - kinda like the Shaolin monk Pai Mei off Kill Bill 2.
  2. Why does there have to be another thread on nodding?/
  3. I had a pushbike rider nod to me last weekend. I dont know why! I nod to everyone, sometimes I give a wave, I just love seeing other bikes out and about regardless of what they are. I've even had a nod or two from Harley riders, (but that may be because I'm a girl)........ Harley riders generally dont seem to acknowledge other bikes though which annoys me a little, because they are doing exactly the same thing we are.
  4. Left glove first.
  5. I only nod to those that put their left glove and right boot on first.
  6. O.K. let me start with some advice.
    When you are fishing, don’t make the lure to complicated.
    If the lure is to complicated the fish start to get wary.
    Keep the details simple and assumption works as its own lure.
    You may have to trawl different waters now because the fish will be aware of your presence.
  7. ..right glove... left boot

    If the 1st sock is inside out.. then the other one has to be too!....
  8. I had a scooter rider nod at me the other day.

    Some people just don't think of how their family will get along without them.
  9. Sometimes other riders just don't notice. I kinda surpise it bothers you so much.

    Maybe you're not nodding for the right reasons.

  10. Is the "Search" function only available to certain people? Maybe there should be a "Howto" thread on the do's and don'ts of trolling :D :D

    Just in case this thread and the OP is actually serious - you left out Goldwing drivers who don't have a button for Wave / Nod :D :D
  11. I thought I got a nod from a Commodore driver the other day.

    But when I got closer I realised it was just the dancing Elvis doll on his dashboard.
  12. Actually motorcyclist have gone all high tec and left the nod behind. We now rush home everytime we see another motorcyclist and give them a Facebook *poke*. I, myself have over 2640 pokes.
  13. from the same person or are you a poke slut port??
  14. Isn't a slut that only allows poking more of a tease then a slut?
  15. i nod to all except ktm riders, generally i have a chat to them as i help em fix their bike on the side of the road :cheeky:
  16. I wish I was a poke slut. Sadly they are all from the same person... me :(
  17. auto-erotic e-stimulation
  18. If i see someone nod to me I go and slap them because i think they're falling asleep. It's just my little way of looking out for other riders.
  19. I nod or wave to anyone riding a motorcycle or scooter, even the posty gets a nod.
  20. ohhhhhh ffs, seriously