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Rider engulfed in flames

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NWRAP, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Footage has emerged a group of people bravely rushing to save the life of a motorcyclist covered in burning petrol after a crash in the NSW Blue Mountains.

    A prime mover with a semi-trailer collided with the BMW motorcycle on the Great Western Highway in Blaxland after midday today, police said.
    Two other car were also involved in the crash but the drivers of those vehicles were not hurt.
    The motorcyclist became trapped under the truck's bull-bar before the bike caught fire.
    The truck driver and others rushed to free him and extinguish the flames, potentially saving his life.
    The 52-year-old motorcyclist suffered burns and was airlifted to Westmead Hospital in a serious condition.
    The truck driver and another man were also hospitalised for burns.
    Sources: NSW Police, Nine News

  2. The news report I saw, applauded the truck driver's actions in running to the aid of the rider. Pity they didn't mention he'd rear ended him in the first place.
  3. Yes they/he may well have saved the guys life..BUT I would like to know more about the circumstances that saw him being ran over in the first instance
  4. That bullbar must have weighed a lot.
  5. Good on the bystanders for rushing in ... it's amazing what people will do when the chips are down. Hope the rider heals up quickly. Bikes are replaceable .. riders not so much :(
  6. Judging by the bike-shaped dent they show in the back of the car at 0:39 looks like it's just a typical case of vehicles travelling too close together on the highway to stop in time.

    Anyone know what model BMW that is? Just wondering if it's one of the ones with a plastic fuel tank.
  7. I would doubt it. Probably not more than 50 odd kilo's.
  8. Guys no speculating or thread gets pulled
  9. I saw this on the news tonight. I think it was the rider they showed getting into the Ambulance. He seemed ok. Might have been another party though.
    Having been involved in a situation with a bad fire where there were serious injuries and someone did similar to get someone out of a burning unit without protection I'll applaud the actions of those on the scene that acted quickly.
    I carry a fire extinguisher in my car and have only ever had to use it twice (once on a gas stove and once on a car) but am so glad it is there.
  10. ONLY twice?
    Hell if I had to use it once it would make having it much more worth while.
  11. Dam, good work to the bystanders for getting him out of there, hopefully he can recover quickly. Looks like a gnarly accident though, im surprised he even came out alive.

    Fire extinguisher in the car is a great idea, saved my dad when his 71 246gts caught fire on a hot day, a small fire can spread quickly, but if you get on it quick enough you will be able to prevent massive damage.
  12. The fact or not that the truck tail-ended the bike, does'nt diminish his efforts to help and save the rider. And hooray for any bystanders that took action.
    Unknown, but I applaud them all.
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  13. Yeah, once is too much even. That twice is over a very long time. Haven't used the newest one yet and have had it for 4 years.
  14. I can say from experience that cars and fire go together like male rabbits and female rabbits.
  15. Unless it's an old VW Kombi or Beetle. Those things go up real fast when the carbs decide to leak, and there's nothing you can do but just sit back and watch it burn (they have a magnesium alloy crankcase).

    Of course there's also an increasing use of magnesium alloy in modern cars, so those little in-car extinguishers should really only be though of as something to try and save people with - not cars. I know I've emptied one into a burning late-model Commodore I came across which gave time to get the driver out, but the fire started up again about 15 minutes later.
  16. Bag of marshmallows is cheaper and more sociable :D.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. This!!! Accidents happen, good on him for stopping and helping. In my line of work I see how many hit and runs there are, it pleases me when they stop and help!!!
  19. Plus this was on the news again tonight and the cause is still being investigated.
  20. Don't know what alloy it was, but the video of the r6 burning at Broadford (r6's burning anywhere really) was telling.