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rider downed by a tram?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, May 19, 2006.

  1. Just got to work and a young girl said that her tram had run over a motorcylist this morning on her way to work.

    Bit schetchy on the details she is pretty shook up :shock: [she thought it might have been me] Victoria Street this morning.

    Any one know about it??
  2. How the hell does one get run over by a tram? Especially on Victoria street where the tram track is seperated from the road along most of its length?
  3. And it's not like trams suddenly change lanes without indicating...
  4. The tram was attempting to lane split?
    Nothing in the news this morning.
  5. can be something as simple as a u-turn gone wrong, a dodge of a car, going to fast then a spill and slide...who knows?
  6. I take Vic street every morning.
    There are definately places where an idiot could get hit.

    But no it wasn't me.
  7. Different idiot then? :LOL:

  8. Beat me to it!! :wink:
  9. If you exclude the section between Hoddle and Elizabeth st, there are plenty of spots where trams and motorbikes could come to grief. Nothing in the news I can see, perhaps your friend can elaborate on the situation to end the speculation we so love?

    Here are some suggestions, just to stir the silly pot:
    * rider waiting to turn at an intersection being rear ended by a tram
    * rider in a police chase doing a mono and splitting the tram lines
    * aliens abducted the trams brakes, added some rubber and sent it off the line for a cruise :shock:

    Regardless, lets just hope the rider has not come to any serious grief.
  10. The only thing I've heard on the radio news today was the rider killed after a head on with a Merc on the Midland Hwy just out of Geelong this morning in thick fog, nothing about Victoria St.
  11. Left the door open to see who would bite...
    And we have a winner...
    And a runner up.
  12. There is a just at the top of spring street where the tram turns leftish into latrobe, many years ago I was nearly caught there in the cage when the tram decided to make it through at the last minute.

    Just a guess, haven't heard any news.

    PS: Is there a place that accident data is recorded in live / realish time, similar to the CFA fire display ??
  13. If Australian journalists are still performing at their usual standard, I would guess they're the same accident. :LOL:
  14. Trams - yeh @ 40' long and 20 ton painted white and travelling at 5km/h - these buggers are hard to spot, could so easily creep up on you.
    Lets take care out there folks.
  15. It could be just that they are making the news, or that victoria (mainly geelong) are trying to keep up with QLD's effort over the weekend, but what ever is going on today it isn't good. The choppers have been coming and going from the alfred flat out today, busiest day for them that I have seen in a while.

    I think thats the best advise of the day !!
  16. When was the last time you caught a tram around the CBD on a weekday?
    There certainly are some lunatic tram drivers out there... i think they assign them all to the St. Kilda - Melbourne University line. A few time's there's been trams doing what i would esitmate to be approximately 60km/h (overtaken by a tram and i was doing ~55km/h) up Swanston St.

    Then there's the 'bell-biatch' who would ding the tram bell whenever someone, or something moved towards the tram. Even when attempting to board the tram, if she'd already closed the door and you tappen on the door to get on... she'd just ding the bell at you repeatedly until you went away.

    Speaking of bad tram accidents/intersections... im still horrified everytime i see an accident with a tram at the top of Elizabeth St by the Bob Jane T-Mart. Supposedly they get one major and one minor smash per week. At the one intersection i've seen a early '80's laser have it's engine cracked open, a VL commondore get pile drived, and a Mini Cooper drive straight into the side of a tram.
  17. I usually have to get from the right lane of Elizabeth St and turn left into Flemington Rd each night. It's all bluff, put the indiciator on and start moving over (in a car) with an "I'm insured and don't care" look on your face and people usually let you move across :wink:

    Mind you, the few times I've done it in the company 4x4 I get treated with a lot more respect :p
  18. ROFLOL...

    So that was YOU! :twisted: :LOL:
    Nah, just kidding... although i do know what you mean about just proceed with determination. I do that on the bike, although it's kinda like a game of frogger. (Atari anyone?)