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Rider Down :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Prime, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. Just saw this one on the TV newsbreak. Lousy news :(
  2. Ho blind you have to be not to see a motorbike with a headlight on ?? seriously yo uwould have to be stupid dumb blind and totally ignorant.

    I hope one day that a ignorant driver knocks over a motorbike that his family member is on. And learns a valuable lesson...

    i hate hearing news like this.. every time a biker falls i get call from family saying OI is that you and bla bla bla ...

  3. If this was the same crash they just showed on Ch10 news, there's alot more to it.

    They report that the man was riding a stolen motorcycle, and that the driver of the car was the owner of the bike.

    Also the Police are not ruling out laying a charge of murder.
  4. was just on 10 news,

    The bike was stolen, and the car involved was driven by the owner of the stolen bike. Police are still working out if murder charges should be laid on the car driver.
  5. ahhh yeah just watched the news, all I had heard earlier was about an accident and a motorbike, this thrown new light on things.
  6. hmmm, ok, it's a bit more complicated than they made out in the earlier reports.
  7. Just saw it on the news. Only thing missing was 'Dueling Banjos' as a soundtrack.
  8. my gf's sister was the first one to see the body she rang this morning. yukky stuff.
  9. damn thats really bad!!! :(

    still killing is not a solution .. he should of followed him home and then called the cops .!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.