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rider down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chicken man, May 22, 2006.

  1. On my way home tonite sore a rider down . It was on cheltaham rd just by sexy land were the new over pass is going in .
    The bike is a CBR 900 yellow and purple the blokes name was clive .
    when I pulled up he was gettting loaded into the back of the ambos going to dandy hospital. the bike was a bit off a mess .all front damage. :( :( :(

  2. At least he was getting loaded into an Ambulance and not a funeral directors herse... Hope he is okay. :cry:
  3. What happened to his bike?
  4. the lady that hit him was waiting for his wife to come and pick up his bike and gear she said it was her fault she did not see him
  5. Holy Shit..... Why the hell do these threads keep starting!

    Do you people not get it, if it ain't a Netrider, why start these sorts of threads, speculations, and all the other shit that goes along with it.

    I'm sure Smee stands with me on this one. I am bloody sick of it!

    Move On... Nothing to see here!! NEEEEEEEEXT!
  6. yes, please, people, can we moderate this prurient interest in other peoples' misfortunes??
  7. so if I see you down on the side of the road and and not sue you are with netrider do I give a F$#K about you or not
  8. and by the way I have seen the bike on netrider rides and the name rings a bell
  9. Dont speak for other people champ... never a good thing. On this occasion, I dont think it's speculation cos the guy stopped and spoke to the rider (however briefly) and actually found out what was going on... so shut your hole!..... if he had of just kept riding and the posted "I wonder what happened"... thats a different kettle of fish.
  10. Jax was not a Netrider when she had her massive and horrible accident.

    Now she is.

    I think that says it all!
  11. I agree with Lidonit. If it had happened in Sydney I would be interested just in case it was someone I knew. We aren't all card carrying, number plate naming Netriders.

    Whoever reports the accident may not realise that they are a fellow netrider, but others may by the description of the bike and the riders name.
  12. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    This isn't the only riding forum or community, it may just be that somebody here knows Clive, and is concerned for his welfare, and who gives a flying rats arse who agrees with you or what is considerred a "prurient interest in other peoples misfortunes"

    I choose to read some threads and ignore others, I suggest you do the same, and I'm with you Chickenman, next time I see somebody down I will check his/her membership card to see if they are one of the 4500+ registers users before I offer assistance.
  13. Q. Did you have to read the thread?
    A. NO

    Q. Did you have to post a stupid remark?
    A. NO

    Q. Will you do it again?
    A. NO

    How do I know you wont do it again? becuase I will delete yours or any post like yours above.

    "If it ain't a Netrider...." is the wankiest thing Smee has come up with to date.

    We do have a Clive on these forums, lets hope it's not OUR Clive that posts here.
    Lets hope that the Clive that was involved in the crash, comes out of it ok.
    Lets hope if we are unfortunate enough to have an off then Chickenman will stop to have a chat.

    Shit, 3 ducatis went straight past me when I was shaving skin off my body on Swan Street Richmond, none of them stopped. A car driver was the first to stop, and I hadn't seen her in years, bless her sole.

    Good onya chickenman.
  14. I vote yes they will try
  15. Shit this is gunna hurt but VIC well put.

    lets hope glipschitz that you dont have a misfortune on the road where you need assistance, or have a need to let people know of an off, that may just concern 1 of the many people on here. apart from yourself who has no want of knowledge about a fellow rider.

    clive I hope you are ok and get good soon,

    chicken man my hat is off to ya bloke :wink:
  16. Yes it is unfortunate that hornet has had a comment on this (whats new) just because he doesnt want to know :shock: Get out of ciber world and look at all the alternatives apart from your view :shock:
  17. Well said both of you guys.

    The other point worth thinking about is maybe it’s the only way that someone can unload.

    They may have seen or come across an accident. Which could have shaken them up. They might want to tell someone that may just know how they feel and not have someone close to them, give them grief, when they have done absolutely nothing wrong except ride a bike.
  18. Personally, I don't mind the Rider down posts.
    What it does is constanty remind us all that we are mortals, and maybe it causes some of us to ride a little more carefully.

    It's easy to live in ones own little fish bowl where riding seems all warm and cosey, because I have'nt gone down in a fair while, and because I never hear of anyone elses "offs"..I just happen to prefer being reminded that there is a bit of a battle going on out there in the rest of the world, and that I just might happen to have been fortunate "so far". :shock:
  19. Like Bikie, I agree with Vic on this one.

    I personally think there is a place for these "rider down" threads.

    As others have mentioned it allows people an outlet. I find that it often gives me a chance to find out more info about what i may of read in the paper or heard on the radio. Riders talk and its amazing just how many of the riders around have connections to one another. Maybe the kind thoughts posted in these threads will get back to that rider or their families.

    Question for the Admins, maybe to allow those not interested to avoid the threads and make it easier for those of us who are interested in these threads (I know I want to hear just in case someone saw a friend of mine, many of whom are not netriders) Any chance of a separate section for these threads????

  20. I beg your pardon??????????????