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rider down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raffiki, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. yesterday at about 16:45 an l plater bought the farm in geelong on the corner of la trobe terrace and kilgour st. it looked like the poor bastard got sandwiched between two cars that stopped in a hurry. dont know what he was riding as there wasnt much left of it, could only see the l plate and wheels. he was gone before the ambos even arrived :cry:

    dont have any other details as yet but if someone does let us know

    fare thee well brother. ride hard whereever you may be :biker:

  2. RIP mate.

  3. RIP damn it :l

    stay alert peeps
  4. RIP
    condolences to the family and friends

    Lets keep aware out there people.
  5. Yikes, hit from behind.

    Condolances to all involved.

    How was the weather down there?
  6. Bllody. That sounds like a terrible way to go.
    I guess splitting traffic is much safer after all.
  7. Sympathies to the family and friends.

    Far too often we see these notices. Stay safe out there people.
  8. Another farewell, condolences to the family
  9. I wish the rider a speedy recovery.

  10. Thank goodness the RIP are not necessary, hope they throw the book at the driver and preferably something heavy and sharp as well.
  11. Glad to hear he'll survive. Let's hope he recovers quickly.
  12. oh! thought he passed away..!

    hang in there bud
  13. Poor bugger.

    Good to hear he survived though.

    Hope it's a speedy recovery.
  14. prayers for a full recovery .
  15. sweet he's alive!!! :D i thought he was gone because someone at the scene had put a blanket or something over him like he was dead :(
  16. Hang in there mate, we're all hoping for the best. :eek: :)
  17. ditto :)
  18. mmmm nasty. hope the head injury isn't too severe and he's back on his feet soon.