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Rider Down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Foxy, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Rider down on Harker St (near Flemington Rd) North Melbourne, looked to be rider and pillion, not in good shape, bike seemed to be a cbr 250 white and blue. Ignition still on while Ambo's were working on them. Not sure if it was a hit and run or he went in to hot as it is a bit of a tight sweeper.

  2. Geez Louise, they're going down like flies !!!

    Please people, SLOW DOWN AND LOOK !!! (that goes for Cagers as much if not more as it does for us lot !)

    Hope everyone is OK
  3. :(

    Not good at all, two riders had a head on down here in Tas over the weekend, don't know the details, but both are serious.

    Might be that the road conditions have changed a bit? Bit of oil coming to the surface due to the wetter weather?

    Or is it the Full moon? The users at work have been asking some pretty dumb questions today. :?:

  4. blooody hell! first off i hope everyone is ok. keep your eyes open and your head on people. watch for ANYTHING that could get in your road. so many people have gone down recently and we dont want anymore. think before you act because you might get hurt and that will hurt your family and friends. i think it must be a full moon, or friday the 13th or the day before armageddon or something cause too many bad thing have been happening lately. Stay safe people and keep the rubber side down!
  5. No, it's the planetary alignment......I blame everything on this. :)
  6. Doh.....why didnt I think of that..... ](*,)

    You ever heard the saying "assumptions make an ass out of you and me"?
  7. its becoming a daily event with bikers down,wats in the air???
  8. I was about to head home, too.

    I think I'll wait till the traffic cools down.