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Rider Down :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by etcher, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Apologies for having a whinge, ladies & gents but just wanted to pay tribute to a fellow rider.

    My eldest brother died yesterday from terminal lung cancer.

    He was much older than I but he rode for as long as I can remember.

    He rode a Honda 1000cc really heavy bike during the 70's around Australia. Not sure of the model, I was just a Kid! but I know it had a really bright blue petrol tank ;-)

    The silly bugger rode thru North Queensland (again in the 70's) during the wet season & I remember him showing me a picture of him being "bogged" in the mud . . . all you could see in this picture is a muddy road with handlebars sticking up thru the mud! hahaha! bogged? how about sunk! :)

    So anyway, time skips forward, he got married had kids, his kids grew up, moved out & then he bought himself a BMW cruiser. He loved it & so did I. showed him my pride & joy: CBR600RR & he loved it.

    Then he became crook with the lung cancer, it took hold really REALLY fast and he passed away at 11 o'clock yesterday.

    So anyway, thanks for listening, apologies for not making much sense and he was a lot of things to a lot of people.

    Most of all he was my eldest brother and my inspiring rider.

    RIP Christopher (Chris) Reynolds 1950-2011.
  2. Sorry to hear about that etcher :( I know what you mean about it taking hold very quickly. I felt helpless as I saw how quickly it took hold with my uncle 2 years ago. Cancer is a terrible disease, I hope a cure is not far off...My condolences to you and your family...
  3. RIP Chris. Thanks for sharing that with us Etcher.
  4. Bloody hell I hate that "C" word, RIP Chris
  5. 61 is too young. RIP Chris.
  6. Sad news, RIP bloke, enjoy the heavens

    Also found out my neighbor across the road just died from cancer, will someone find a friggin cure for fux sake
  7. RIP Chris. Thoughts are with you etcher.
  8. thanks for sharing that mate, I hope doing it and our good wishes make things a little better for you.....
  9. Sorry to hear..... RIP Chris
  10. Hopes and well wishes to you and yours, cancer is a horrible thing in any instance.
  11. :( Sounds like he packed a lot of living into his life.

    Cancer sucks.

  12. Gather memories of him and make sure they are safe. Photos, stories, experiences he had, travels he completed. Perhaps a few of his small pocessions, like books, trophies, whatever means something to you. Keep in touch with his kids and the other half of his family. It will help in time, when you find you really miss him. It does for me and mine.

    Sorry for your loss, but also, remember the good times and his achievements.
  13. Sorry to hear. Sad thing to lose someone to, cancer.
  14. Sorry to hear of your loss. He sounds like a wonderful big brother.

    RIP Chris.
  15. Hang onto all those memories, mate. You've got his soul in you.
    Sad times..
  16. Oh my God. I was just having a whinge & thank you all SO MUCH for your replies, it means the world to me :)
    Thank you.
    Chris' funeral was today & was a beautiful service.
  17. Mate, Doesn't sound like a whinge to me... Thoughts going out to you and your family. Sounds like he'll be watching over you when YOU are on the bike.. cheers
  18. thoughts are with you and your family.

    he sounds like he was an awesome guy and really lived his life how he wanted to. good on him :)