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Rider down.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by kneedragon, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. I just had to pick an R1 up out of the gutter. Usual story. Rider down - 15 people standing around, including a body builder type, nobody wants to touch the bike.
    "Mate, do you want it picked up?"
    "Yeah, if you can. See if you can get it off the road so nobody else hits it."
    So I walked over the road and picked it up. Bystander asked me who I was, one of the drivers of the cars (note the multiple) that hit him.
    "No, mate, I'm just a motorcyclist, that's all. Two years ago, that was me, just about eight or nine hundred metres up the road. That's why I walk with a limp."
    I find the girlfriend is there, and her father. The father, myself, and the body-builder guy pick it up bodily and place it on the footpath, on the side stand. I swap names and numbers with the father. His name's Mike, same as me, so I should be able to remember that. The man down is called Sean. (or Shawn or Shorn or whatever.) The father only knows him by his christian name, so I guess he's a pretty new boy friend.
    The spilled fluids appear to be because the bike was on its side. Fuel, coolant, battery acid, oil. If there are holes in anything, I couldn't see them. The cases look intact. The frame looks straight. The swing-arm and rear end looks straight. The triple clamps look distorted and the forks are bent between the triple clamps, and twisted. The front axle is about 200mm rearward of where it should be and the front end is fouling the radiator and bodywork. The rearsets are a bit bent and smashed around, and there are some stray bits of plastic bodywork floating around. The front tyre's flat. There's damage around the headlights and front bodywork.
    The rider was wearing a helmet and jacket, shorts and don't know on the feet. He was in quite a bit of pain and shock, and the damage seemed to be all to one foot, the left I think. No obvious cuts or abrasions, leg looked fairly normal, no second knee or exposed bone ends. I'm going to ring the father guy a bit later and see if I can get some info.
    The tow truck got there before the meat wagon. Sean is insured. Companies and contracts are compatible, so the bike will be moved to exactly the same impound yard and assessment centre that mine went to.
    When I came back past, about 20 min later, the cops were there, the bike was still there, cops appeared to be talking to witnesses.
    I'm not sure quite how the accident came about. I know the bike hit or was hit by two different cars, and most of the damage to it is on the front. Who was right and who was wrong I don't know. The body builder guy did say something about "When I hit him" but I didn't catch the rest. He was driving an older 3 series BMW and there wasn't any visible damage on it that I saw. I could put together at least two different scenarios, but both would have young Sean in the wrong and I don't know that is actually the case, so I'm not going to speculate.

    The only bit of good news, is I can still pick up a large bike, and it isn't even all that hard.

    I'm going to go have a cigarette, then I'm going to ring the girlfriend's father.

  2. ok, his name is Sean {Surname removed}, but we're not sure about the spelling.
    He's been transported to the QE11, and Mike the father bloke is on his way up with a few things now. I'll ring him back in a couple of hours and see what else he can tell me. I'll try and get a bed number.
  3. Is it the best idea to be putting a rider's name and location on the internet who probably isn't related to the site? Especially when details of the accident are speculative?
  4. What he said, you don't know how the accident happened, you are ,making guesses, so edit the thread accordingly also remove the person's name.
  5. While I dont disagree about removing the name, where is the speculation?
  6. "...I could put together at least two different scenarios"
  7. "...so I'm not going to speculate."
  8. set and match. ggkthxbye.
  9. yeah take his surname off. we don't need that info, nor do we need the location.
  10. Aint that enough?
  11. Um yes, why is his identity relevant to this forum? And if you do get his hospital bed number (WTF?!), I hope you don't publish that.
  12. No, no need for names or places particularly, but let's not get our balls in tangle over it and start getting sarcastic... Cheeses!

    Smee is adjudicating about speculation, correctly, although at least he attended the scene, so I consider the speculation to be fairly mild in this case, and not without foundation.
    But it' not hard to draw general conclusions, when you were at the scene, I reckon. :)
  13. kneedragon, I know you copped some flack over this a little, but, please keep us informed. I'd really like to know how it turned out.
  14. Need to ring back and check. No further news at this stage.